Release notes

= Release 2.15.0 =
Released: 2023-10-03

Support for Windows 7 and 8 will be dropped with one of the next releases.

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #4027: Autocompletion doesn't handle JS classes
 * Updated libapr to 1.7.4
 * Updated libapr-util to 1.6.3
 * Updated pcre2 to 10.42
 * Updated libgit to 2.40.1 based on Git for Windows sources
 * Updated libgit2 to 1.7.1
 * Updated zlib to 1.3
 * Update TortoiseGitPlink to PuTTY Plink 0.79
 * Update shipped PuTTY binaries to 0.79
 * Fixed issue #3974: Windows 11 Context Menus only display in single user when has multiple users
   Added a button to register the win11 context menu for the current user in TortoiseGit settings on the Windows 11 contextmenu page
 * Update Scintilla to 5.3.6 and Lexilla to 5.2.7
 * Fixed issue #3435: Dramatically speed up revert operations
 * Fixed issue #3053: "Abort" button in merge conflict dialogue is misleading -> opens Abort merge dialog now
 * Fixed issue #4034: After git lfs lock, UI suggest a pull
 * Allow the dark mode to be always enabled if possible (e.g., using Ctrl+Alt+D)
 * Add support for SVG files in TortoiseGitIDiff
 * Fixed issue #4033: Add workaround for broken scoop shim
 * Lots of refactorings and performance optimizations
 * Fixed issue #4040: TortoiseGitBlame: Ability to select multiple commits (line highlighting)
 * Make TortoiseGitMerge and SSHAskPass multi-monitor DPI aware
 * Fixed issue #3698: "Resolve conflict using theirs" is extremely slow 
 * Update editorconfig to 0.12.6
 * Fixed issue #3745: Support show log for both A..B and B..A
 * Fixed issue #2754: Add hint for pressing F5 for Refresh in TortoiseGit Commit window

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed redraw bug in log list
 * Fixed issue #3843: 'Revert' does not work for submodules
 * Fixed issue #4030: TortoiseGitMerge Dark mode flashes white when opening
 * Fixed issue #4041: Git Worktree Add command error 129 when directory path contains spaces
 * Improved Cygwin and Msys2 compatibility
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Fixed optical glitch if wrap mode is enabled with non-ASCII files
 * Fixed issue #4049: Diff with previous version - ENTER closes dialog
 * Fixed issue #4051: Copy ref names in nested view does not copy full ref name
 * Fixed issue #3373: Refresh log after shallow clone depth update
 * Improve crash resistance in log dialog on broken repositories
 * Fixed issue #4057: "Clean up" fails to delete files with Unicode characters in name if core.quotepath is not explicitly set
 * Fixed issue #4058: Performance issue when the Git index contains a large number of files
 * Fixed issue #3874: TortoiseGitMerge GUI elements overlap with Ribbon on Windows 7

== Known issues ==
 * Issue #4013: Incorrect info displayed in title bar of Windows Explorer windows
   At the moment the numbers are only updated when the index or the current branch change.

= Release =
Released: 2023-04-15

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3997: TortoiseGit crashes with "libgit2 returned: failed to get security information: Incorrect function."

= Release 2.14.0 =
Released: 2023-02-05

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #3860: Highlight keywords, such as error, fatal and warning in output of git commands
 * Update Scintilla to 5.3.2 and Lexilla to 5.2.1
 * Allow to see diff to previous commit on commit dialog for merge commits
 * Update libgit to 2.37.5 based on Git for Windows sources
 * Update libgit2 to 1.5.0
 * Update OGDF to version 2022.02
 * Fixed issue #3873: Submodule Add Dialog does not automatically grab the Git Clone link from the clipboard
 * Update zlib to 1.2.13
 * Update pcre2 to 10.40
 * Update hunspell to 1.7.2
 * LogDlg: Prevent the graph from drawing an unfinished line for each ignored parent on first-parent only walk
 * Update shipped PuTTY binaries to 0.78
 * Update TortoiseGitPlink to PuTTY Plink 0.78
 * Update TortoiseOverlays to 1.1.5
 * Fixed issue #3932: RebaseDlg: Remember last selection of 'add "cherry picked from"'
 * Fixed issue #3938: Add Switch/Checkout... option after fetch
 * Fixed issue #3935: Submodule update is slow for repositories with several submodules
 * Fixed issue #3797: Add additional information to the Windows Explorer title
 * Fixed issue #3937: Support worktree operations (Add, remove, lock, unlock, prune) and worktree list
   Worktrees can also be created by drag'n'drop of a repository root directory
 * Fixed issue #3903: Wrong (empty) icon in Windows 11 taskbar
 * Fixed issue #3867: GitLog does not show super project pointers in conflicted submodule
 * Fixed issue #3789: Commit dialog: Amend Last Commit in Message section unclear
 * Fixed issue #3958: Pasting a path in the input box should automatically trim the quotes
 * Improved parsing Git URLs/branch names from clipboard for push/pull/fetch dialgos
 * CommitDlg: Allow to see diff to previous commit also for merge commits
 * Add special environment variable "TGIT_INITIATED_CALL" to indicate that a git.exe call was issued from TortoiseGit
 * Add initial support for ARM64 (with separate MSI installer)
 * Fixed issue #3996: Improve compatibility with Win32-OpenSSH (Git hanging on waiting passphrase from stdin)
 * Fixed issue #3994: LogDlg: Allow to open new log dialog

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3865: Ampersand in branch name not shown in Windows context menu
 * Fixed issue #3868: 2.13 has bug for clone without checkout
 * Fixed issue #3863: "Push..." menu item in the log window context menu does not honor last selection of pushing all branches
 * Fixed issue #3870: Dialog after "Bisect reset" offers bisect step options
 * Removed right anchor from "Staging Support" checkbox on commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #3905: TortoiseGitMerge doesn't apply Settings/Colors/Misc/Whitespaces
 * Fixed issue #3900: Adjust min. height of Log Message dialog
 * Fixed issue #3929: commit window handles double-click strangely
 * Fixed issue #3926: TortoiseGitMerge undo/redo can cause window to become unresponsive
 * Fixed issue #3930: TortoiseGitMerge optimized docking PatchFileView
 * Fixed issue #3927: Support deleted files for "Compare two files"
 * Fixed issue #3911: TortoiseGitMerge: "The text is identical ..." dialog causes display issues
 * Fixed issue #3940: restore scroll position of list
 * Fixed issue #3906: Pull dialog always defaults to the wrong branch in submodules
 * Fixed issue #3897: Bisect refs are incorrect when working with worktrees
 * Fixed issue #3952: Log window wrong branch after cherry pick if switched after log window brought up
 * Fixed issue #3953: Disabling ShowListFullPathTooltip doesn't hide tooltips in Changed Files dialog
 * Fixed issue #3945: "Combine to one commit" sometimes broken
 * Fixed issue #3663: Wrong window has focus after pull
 * Fixed issue #3956: Sometimes rebase contains wrong list of files
 * LogDlg: Prevent the graph from drawing an unfinished line for each ignored parent on first-parent only walk
 * Start TGit processes without identity from the shell extension
   Related issues: issue #3889, issue #3949
 * Fixed issue #3967: Show log for submodule from compare revisions dialog
 * Fixed issue #3975: Windows 11 context menu not working after Windows 11 upgrade

= Release =
Released: 2022-02-06

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3856: Documentation Problem - Rebase needs more info and accurate info for setting upstream from CLI
 * Fixed issue #3855: Shell integration broken after upgrade to 2.13 (on Windows < 10)
 * Fixed issue #3859: Incorrect count of removed files if some files do not exist
 * Fixed issue #3857: Log Messages filter breaks Russian characters on pasting

= Release 2.13.0 =
Released: 2022-01-31

== Changes ==
 * Git (for Windows) 2.24 or newer is now required

== Features ==
 * Update Scintilla and Lexilla to 5.1.0
 * Fixed issue #3744: Update TortoiseGitPlink to PuTTY 0.76 and shipped binaries to PuTTY 0.76
 * Fixed issue #2379: "Show changes as unified diff" from Commit window on N files opens N diff windows
 * Fixed issue #3738: Added force flag on LFSLocksDlg
 * Fixed issue #2299: Better support the git staging process
 * Update libgit2 to 1.3.0
 * Update pcre2 to 10.39
 * Update editorconfig to 0.12.5
 * Update libgit to 2.32.0 based on Git for Windows sources
 * Fixed issue #3764: Add TortoiseGit menu to the right click menu in Windows 11
 * Fixed issue #3818: Change icon image for Cherry-Pick
 * Fixed issue #3728: Log Browser: Add an option to switch on full history (--full-history)
 * Fixed issue #2562: Automatically track remote when pushing untracked branch
 * Add support for Ctrl+A in BrowseRefsDlg and RepositoryBrowser
 * Fixed issue #3820: "Stash changes" should not offer stash pop/apply after no changes were stashed
 * Fixed issue #3812: Extend `:rebase` command with additional parameters
 * Fixed issue #3702: "Push all branches" should be unchecked when Push command is issued with a specific branch
 * Allow to keep changelists after committing
 * Fixed issue #3602: Make it possible to select multiple old commit messages from log history
 * Fixed issue #3782: Stash window may operate on unwanted stash under some circumstances when view is not refreshed
 * Fixed issue #3661: Exit code of TortoiseGitMerge should be based on success of a merge resolution
 * Fixed issue #3741: In `Browse Refs` show `gone` for branches tracking remote branches that have been deleted
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Correctly handle BOM changes to files when applying patches
 * Fixed issue #3787: Implement expanding/collapsing nodes in the log tree on demand
 * Fixed issue #3692: 64-bit version should bundle 64-bit pageant (and maybe other PuTTY binaries)

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3736: LFS force unlock not working
 * Fixed issue #3740: Setting DownloadAnimation=false has no effect, the turtle still flies
 * Remove extra space in front of Log Messages when drawing labels on right side
 * Fixed issue #3750: Dramatic speedup saving of large files from TortoiseMerge
 * Fixed issue #3781: TortoiseGitMerge Redo is not recorded as change
 * Fixed issue #3794: "Submodules" option is truncated in the "Clean up" dialog
 * Fixed issue #3813: Filter is checking for '%' incorrectly
 * Fixed issue #3779: "Show branches this commit is on" ("References commit is on" window) takes a very long time to find branches and tags
 * Fixed issue #3808: LFS stopped working (maybe related to major upgrade of git-lfs 3.x)
 * Fixed issue #3822: Crash (0xc0000409) in TortoiseGitProc.exe when invoking git log
 * Fixes issue #3826: Help links to TortoiseGit site don't open in a sensible browser
 * Fixed issue #3815: TortoiseGitMerge crashes on Windows 7 on startup when winrt libraries are installed
 * Fixed issue #3831: TortoiseGitMerge omits text after null byte when word wrap is enabled
 * Fixed issue #3799: Display of Long lines with Chinese characters is truncated in TortoiseGitMerge dialog
 * Fixed issue #3836: TortoiseGitMerge: With line wrapping enabled, show the current column as in the wrapped line, not as the visible column
 * Fixed issue #3837: TortoiseGitMerge support link is outdated
 * Fixed issue #3834: Log window hangs on pasting wrong SHA-1 into commit log list when "working tree changes" are selected
 * Fixed issue #3793: "Diff with previous version" dialog does not clear files list during validation / for invalid version
 * Fixed issue #3784: Rebase dialog does not ask to pop stash when post rebase options in the lower left are used
 * Fixed issue #3625: Commit dialog shows wrong branch after committing failed when new branch was specified
 * Fixed issue #3658: Cannot "format-patch" from from stash
 * Fixed issue #3791: TortoiseGitMerge: Ensure the line has an EOL unless it's the end of the document
 * Fixed issue #3790: TortoiseGitMerge: Prevent calling "mark as resolved" twice
 * Fixed issue #3765: TortoiseGitMerge crashes with files larger than 1GB
 * Fixed issue #3826: Help links to TortoiseGit site don't open in a sensible browser
 * Fixed issue #3770: TortoiseGitMerge can't apply NonANSI (e.g., UTF-8) patch
 * Fixed issue #3708: Log window becomes unresponsive when selecting commit with large file list
 * Fixed issue #3833: LogDlg: Access violation in gitdll when multi-pack-index exists
 * Fixed issue #3846: ScanFile hangs commit dialog (fixed regex backtracking)
 * Fixed issue #3848: "Git Sync..." > "Compare tags" does not properly clear state from previous actions
 * Fixed issue #3849: TortoiseGitMerge cannot drag mouse to select last character of wrapped line
 * Fixed issue #3854: Ampersand in branch label underlines next character

= Release 2.12.0 =
Released: 2021-03-31

== Changes ==
 * Fixed issue #3631: Log: filtering commits by file path does not work if slash is used as path separator
   The Log Dialog now uses only the Git path (with slashes) for filtering. This is now consistent with other path filters in TortoiseGit.
 * Ctrl+Enter is assigned for the default button (Start Rebase, Amend, Commit, or Done) in the Rebase/Cherry-Pick dialog. This is now consistent with the Commit dialog.

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #3654: Allow to completely disable the turtle animation, added TortoiseGit advanced setting "DownloadAnimation"
 * Update libgit to 2.30.2 based on Git for Windows sources
 * Update libgit2 to 1.1.0
 * Update Scintilla to 4.4.6
 * Allow multiple ref selection in the Revision Graph Filter
 * Move prune (all remotes) setting to git config page
 * Update pcre2 to 10.36
 * Fixed issue #3693: Make short hash length for hyper-link in log message configurable
 * Fixed issue #3705: No "Move to Changelist" option in check for modifications dialog
 * Fixes issue #3695: Keep the current line in the view when resizing with line-wrap on in TortoiseGitMerge
 * Switch dialog: Remember last state of the "Create New branch" checkbox state for switching to a tag or commit
 * Fixed issue #3181: Branch dialog: Create branch should remember "switch to" state
 * Fixed issue #3700: Resolve the conflicts did not show the merge_head with correct branch name
   The branch detection heuristic can now be disabled using the advanced setting "ConflictDontGuessBranchNames".

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3649: "multi-project pull/fetch/push" not working
 * Fixed issue #3652: Clone: Auto fill from clipboard with URLs with quotes fails
 * Fixed issue #3651: View Patch window shrinks each time it opens with high DPI
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Make column index 1 based as most editors are 1-based instead of instead of 0 based
 * Fixed issue #3662: LogDlg: The "Compare change sets" command is not shown when two commits are adjacent on the list
 * Fixed issue #3664: revert dialog in dark mode shows file list black
 * Fixed issue #3668: "Revert to revision" fails for added files
 * Fixed issue #3678: Remove deprecated git lfs clone option from clone dialog
 * Fixed issue #3674: Missing "Add to ignore list" menu on the "Show Log" dialog
 * Fixed issue #3517: Revision graph filter does not work
 * Fixed issue #3685: The entered message erased by Amend Last Commit checkbox cannot be retrieved
 * Fixed issue #3686: Explorer hangs on dead network drives
 * Fixed issue #3696: Compare dialog (FileDiffDlg.cpp) should hide files with only ignored changes
 * Fixed issue #3704: Changed Files Dlg: "Revert to revision" fails for renamed files
 * Fixed issue #3694: No overlay if not all lower case in repo top folder in WSL2 filesystem

= Release 2.11.0 =
Released: 2020-10-10

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3593: Statistics dialog - misaligned controls
 * Fixed issue #3598: TGitCache blocks repository directory to be truly deleted
 * Fixed issue #3619: Hook settings always reset "Hide the script while running" to checked for hooks stored in .tgitconfig
 * Fixed issue #3617: 'Saving config failed (key: "fetch.prune", value: "")' in remote repository definition when `fetch.prune` is set in global config
 * Fixed issue #3632: Log dialog: Message box with the text "git_get_commit_from_hash failed for 00...00" appears in certain situations
 * Fixed issue #3638: Better handling of trying to set an upstream branch not set to be fetched in the remote

== Features ==
 * Update Scintilla to 4.4.5
 * Fixed issue #3348: Showing line and column number in the status line of TortoiseGitMerge
 * Fixed issue #3408: TortoiseGitMerge: When double clicking on a word, mark the word only in the current view if also the Ctrl key is pressed
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Show the number of marked words in the status bar
 * Fixed issue #2101: Tortoise(Git)Merge - 'find' workflow suggested enhancement: Add "Search next" and "Search previous" to the ribbon
 * Fixed issue #3568: Add support for Git repository version 1
 * Fixed issue #3605: TortoiseGitProc branch command is not documented and does not handle /name parameter
 * Update pcre2 to 10.35
 * Fixed issue #3589: Added dark mode support to all TortoiseGit tools, needs to be separately enabled
   Dark mode can only be enabled for Windows 10 1809 and later when Windows dark mode is activated.
   This also improves the high contrast mode.
 * Allow to diff a file in Log/RepositoryBrowser with file selected by "Diff later" in Explorer
 * Fixed issue #3362: Ease searches in the log window (auto select text)
 * Fixed issue #3539: doesn't abort commit if user doesn't modify the template commit message
 * Fixed issue #3233: Change the dialog font to "Segoe UI", which is the default font for most Windows dialogs, including Explorer
 * Fixed issue #1274: Allow log font to be used for LogListCtrl and FileListCtrl
   Needs to be enabled explicitly in TortoiseGit advanced settings using LogFontForFileListCtrl resp. LogFontForLogCtrl
 * Fixed issue #3282: Prefs and Docs - UDiff should have a link back to Diff Viewer section
 * Update TortoiseGitPlink to PuTTY Plink 0.74
 * Update libgit2 to 1.0
 * Implement very simple multi-project pull/fetch/push
 * Fixed issue #3183: Add support for git lfs lock/unlock
 * Fixed issue #3636: Commit Window new branch should focus textbox
 * Fixed issue #3312: Add --push-option to push dialog
 * Fixed issue #3641: Remove default behavior to create a branch when switching to a tag

= Release =
Released: 2020-03-24

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3557: TortoiseGitMerge 'Use this text block' not working
 * Fixed issue #3559: TortoiseGitMerge loses text selection when you open the context menu by right-clicking
 * Build with VS2019 16.4 again to circumvent code-gen-issues

= Release =
Released: 2020-03-19

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3525: LogDlg crashes on copying full log info
 * Fixes issue #3527: TGit always crashes when commiting an edit after opening the "Onto" dialog
 * LogDlg: Improve high contrast mode switching
 * Fixed issue #3535: `Show log ID instead of SHA-1` might cut of numbers
 * Fixed issue #3531: TortoiseGitMerge: the captured to clipboard text is two characters shorter than the selected
 * Fixed issue #3543: Push can't run TortoiseGitPlink.exe with Cygwin hack enabled
 * Fixed issue #3542: Commit many files not working with Cygwin hack enabled
 * Fixed issue #3524: Revision Graph very slow after update to
 * Fix possible crash on Git credential helper settings page
 * Fixed possible data races in sync dialog

= Release 2.10.0 =
Released: 2020-03-01

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #3448: Revision Graph: Make direction of arrows configurable
 * Fixed issue #3263: Compare parent revision with working tree
 * Update Scintilla to 4.2.3
 * Update libgit2 to 0.99
 * Fixed issue #3481: Add Switch/Checkout to Tags and Refs in Revision Graph
 * TGitCache: Cache libgit2 config (reduce disk access)
 * The Setting "Use .mailmap" is now honored everywhere in TortoiseGit (e.g., TotoiseGitBlame, GitWCRev)
 * Enable Mailmap by default (Git 2.23 also enabled it by default)
 * Fixed issue #3494: External Merge tool trustExitCode
   An external merge tool can now be executed synchronous (ie, TortoiseGit blocks while it's running): After the exit of the merge tool TortoiseGit automatically removes the temporary files and asks whether to mark the conflict as resolved.
 * Fixed issue #3470: Be able to switch branch from the Sync dialog
 * FileDiffDlg: Add patch dialog
 * Improved UDiff search
 * PullFetchDlg: Allow to select remote references (using ls-remote)
 * Add optional support for the Windows 8+ spell checker (needs to be enabled in Advanced Settings using the key "Win8SpellChecker" at the moment; if enabled it will be tried first, cf. manual)
 * Speed up RebaseDlg and SyncDlg by asynchronously calculating the file diff
 * Update libgit to 2.25.1 based on Git for Windows sources
 * Fixed issue #3452: Mouse wheel scroll does not work when mouse over author names in TortoiseGitBlame
 * Performance optimizations

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3449: Crash when indenting short lines (pressing tab key)
 * Fixed issue #3463: Check For Updates dialog - misaligned buttons
 * Fixed issue #3442: Commit & Push after amending a commit always results in a failed push
 * Fixed issue #3451: Turtle progress bar in process, but task is finish
 * Fixed issue #3450: Commit message after "Revert changes by these commits" suggests a single commit is reverted
 * Fixed issue #3461: Performing refresh on Commit window loses new branch name
 * Fixed issue #3446: No TortoiseGit Icon Overlays / Symbols in Drive Root Dir
 * Mark SSHAskPass and TortoiseGitPlink as DPIAware
 * PatchViewDlg: Fix Windows 10 border issue
 * Allow Refbrowser and Reflog to be minimized
 * Fixed issue #3480: Copy options in RefLog are misleading
 * Fixed issue #3497: Settings/Saved Data/URL-History/Del doesn't remove PUSH URLs:
 * Fixed issue #3466: Rebase checkboxes might disappear when resizing
 * Fixed issue #3493: Closing (cancelling) commit selection window while merging minimizes the Merge dialog
 * Fixed issue #3417: "ignore-on-commit" changelist disappears when committing on different folder
 * High DPI fixes (e.g., searchbar height/position in UDiff; remembering of dialog/slider/divider positions and column widths with changing DPI scalings)
 * LogDlg: Fix flickering on filtering
 * Fixed issue #3505: TortoiseGitProc and TGitCache crash on repositories with broken core.worktree path
 * SSHAskPass: Adjust window to text size
 * Fixed issue #3386: Line column in TortoiseGitUDiff might get cut off
 * Fixed issue #3454: Misaligned controls in Log Messages dialog

= Release 2.9.0 =
Released: 2019-10-31

== Changes ==
 * Support for Thesaurus was dropped
 * Thin-Pack option was dropped from fetch/pull dialog (enabled by default in Git)

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #3355: Adding file name extension in the Export dialog
 * Update Scintilla to 4.2.0
 * Update libgit to 2.22.0 based on Git for Windows sources
 * Update TortoiseGitPLink to PuTTY PLink 0.73 (security fix, cf.
 * Update PuTTY binaries to 0.72
 * Allow to disable "Working Tree Changes" in log dialog (using advanced settings)
 * Update Hunspell to 1.7.0
 * Fixed issue #3363: Add option to show unlabeled most recent common ancestor between all branches in Revision Graph
   In the View menu you can now toggle the display of branchings and mergings.
   (This also fixes issue #2110: The Revision Graph is invalid if first commit does not contains the files)
 * Fixed issue #3379: Super-project-pointer should show in revision graph of submodule
 * Fixed issue #3421: Option to show Log IDs instead of SHA-1 in TortoiseGitBlame
 * Fixed issue #3343: Provide a confirm dialog instead of executing the revert operation directly
 * Ref Browse: Show date and author of annotated tag as well
 * Show whitespaces in patch views
 * Fixed issue #3414: Allow users to not display all tags on revision graph
 * Add find functionality to revision graph
 * Fixed issue #3427: FileDiffDlg: Provide a way to view the diff for a pull request branch (in diff options)
 * Fixed issue #3440: (GUI) Animation should stop when finished, not halt
 * Fixed issue #3395: TortoiseGit now uses the Windows "Default Application" framework for managing file associations and protocol handlers
 * Fixed issue #3436: Please document rolling back a file to a previous revision in Undo Changes

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Implement generic fix for "libgit2 returned the requested type does not match the type in ODB"
 * Fixed issue #3342: Windows Explorer context menu: TortoiseGit doesn't recognize local Git working copy if "gitdir-redirection" is used within same folder
 * Fixed issue #3349: View patch missing color
 * Fixed issue #3365: Ignore items by extension handles files/directories with no extension poorly
 * Fixed issue #3393: TortoiseGitIDiff crashes with a very small window size
 * Fixed issue #3397: Create Repository make a useless symlink on Windows 10
 * Fixed issue #3413: Putty Agent (pageant) unable to start when file "C:\Program" exists
 * Fixed issue #3429: Optimize progress output with multiple git commands
 * Fixed issue #3434: Commit dialog's "View Patch>>" shows nothing when dialog's right border is on the screen's right border
 * Fix potential crashes in TortoiseGitBlame when .mailmap support was enabled
 * Fix potential crash when log is still calculating diffs and rebase dialog loads
 * Prevent possible crash after rebase when writing to reflog fails
 * Fixed issue #3426: Ref Browse: Speed up display when having thousands of refs
 * TortoiseGitMerge: When ignoring comments in TMerge, ignore comment block markers inside strings
 * Fix start commit hook not working for repository hooks
 * Fix potential crashes when log is still loading and submodule diff is requested

= Release 2.8.0 =
Released: 2019-02-28

== Features ==
 * Update libgit to 2.19.0 based on Git for Windows sources
 * Fixed issue #2591: Enable accent coloring for search term matches in log messages and FileDiffDlg
 * LogDlg, FileDiffDlg, RefBrowserDlg: Allow to use more complex search expressions, see documentation
 * Fixed issue #3279: Browse References -> lacks capability to double click an item (now opens log by default)
 * Update Scintilla to 4.1.3
 * Fixed issue #3277: Start of rebase process doesn't show log tab by default
 * Fixed issue #3273: Show more information (beginning of commit subject) about commit parents in context menus
 * Fixed issue #3272: Revision Graph does not show the option to checkout a remote branch
 * Added the option to store hook configurations within the repository (/.tgitconfig) in order to share it with other developers
 * Fixed issue #3154: Decorate bare repository's folder with a Git icon
 * Update OGDF library to latest stable version (used for Revision Graph)
 * Make unified patch in temp folder read-only
 * Update apr to 1.6.5
 * Update libgit2 to version 0.28
 * Fixed issue #3304: Double click on stash list item does nothing, show log instead
 * Fixed issue #3305: Stash Changes/Save, then allow Stash Apply
 * Support opportunistic TLS for SendMailDlg
 * Improve documentation for alternative unified diff viewer configuration
 * TGitCache: Speed up scanning of folders with lots of unversioned files
 * BrowseRefsDlg: Allow to delete multiple remote branches in batch
 * Rebase: Document start, abort and finish in reflog 
 * Add TortoiseGitUDiff to Open With list
 * Update editorconfig to 0.12.4
 * Fixed issue #3295: TortoiseGitPlink does not work with Git protocol ver. 2
 * Fixed issue #3290: Improve "Status/Check for modifications" documentation
 * Fixed issue #3228: Rebase: Add full support for empty commits (e.g., commits which become empty during conflict resolution)
 * Fixed issue #3189: Show progress bar when resolving lots of conflicts
 * Fixed issue #3318: More accurate git-svn detection
 * Fixed issue #1770: Add support for changelists
 * Fixed issue #3327: Clarify remote and remote-tracking branch
 * TGitCache: Significantly reduce disk access for requesting cached file statuses
 * FileDiffDlg: Correctly show renames (also also allow to filter by them)
 * Update shipped Notepad2 to Notepad2e

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3250: GitWCRev: IsGitItem return true for item that had never been committed
 * Fixed issue #3251: GitWCRev.GetWCInfo COM object ignores file path (parameter 1)
   GitWCRev not honours the passed path and calculates the HasModifications/UnversionedFiles status according to the passed path
 * Fixed issue #3261: Review/Apply single patch does not work anymore if patch does not apply cleanly
 * Fixed issue #2541: Patches created from "Create patch file" in diff view/TortoiseGitMerge has invalid filepath
 * CommitDlg: commit.template did not honor "~/"
 * Fixed issue #3271: Document TortoiseGitProc.exe /command:merge /abort option
 * Fixed issue #3281: TortoiseGitUDiff preferences page clips out text in Russian translation
 * Fixed issue #3284: BrowseRefsDlg: Cannot compare annotated tag to working tree (libgit2 returned the requested type does not match the type in ODB)
 * Modified files, Revert, and Resolve dialogs did show all staged files regardless of selection
   The Commit dialog still shows all staged files, this is by design and required for commit to work properly (e.g., that no files get lost in a merge commit).
 * Fixed issue #3264: Remove tag can leave an empty folder in refs/tags
 * Fixed issue #3297: Missing URI-encode of %BUGID%-part by call of issue tracker URL
 * Fixed issue #3307: Abort Merge on a single file always results in a parameter error message
 * Fixed issue #3269: Git Command Progress window blank, hanging on commit (e.g., when auto gc is running)
 * Fixed issue #3039: Icon overlays don't update properly when committing after gc prune on the command line
 * Fixed issue #3316: Misleading message box after pull with rebase, when branch is behind origin/branch, but origin/branch=remote/origin/master
 * Fixed issue #3288: Commit window: text is cut when Russian localisation
 * Fixed issue #3317: merge-ods.vbs-script: Merged document in LibreOffice 6.1 deleted by the script
 * Fixed issue #3329: create tag with message results in fatal error if username contains space
 * Fixed issue #3330: Edit notes don't load correctly for stash commits and reflog dialog
 * Fixed issue #3331: "Putty Key:" label is too narrow for localization
 * RefLog: Remember last selected branch on refresh
 * Opening the credential helper settings page caused elevation logic to trigger
 * Improved detection of valid git repositories
 * Improved stability in various unusual cases

= Release 2.7.0 =
Released: 2018-08-19

== Changes ==
 * Git (for Windows) 2.11 or newer is now required

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #3186: Bisect skip missing on dialogs and in automation and bisect docs
 * Fixed issue #3188: Add progress support for submodule clone
 * Fixed issue #3212: With Detached Head, Push Dialog has Local Branch filled with HEAD or Commit Hash
 * Fixed issue #3223: Format Patch: Set From and To for single commits
 * Lots of high DPI improvements
 * Fixes issue #2635: The font of git log is too small
 * Fixed issue #3240: Allow changing the similarity index threshold (using the advanced option "DiffSimilarityIndexThreshold")
 * Fixed issue #3227: Add support to git describe option --first-parent
 * Fixed issue #3187: Assume unchanged for submodule directory can't be undone in TGit
 * SyncDlg: Allow to open the separate dialog boxes for fetch, pull, push, stash changes and submodule update/sync when holding the shift key when clicking on the buttons

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3167: Crash when aborting cherry-picks
 * Fixed issue #3164: TortoiseGit crashing on commit (with racy git situation and git lfs)
 * Fixed issue #2035: Can not un-check the menu item "Abort Merge" in Settings dialog
 * Fixed issue #3078: Faulty behaviour of "Commit" feature in "check for modifications"
 * Fixed issue #3184: Committing asks for user data although they are set via includeif
 * Fixed issue #3193: Not able to set alternative editor
 * Fixed issue #3195: TGitMerge tool is not saving color to correct Windows registry location
 * Fixed issue #3194: Commit message control launches links on selection
 * Fixed issue #3202: Deletion of inactive branch inside not main working copy fails
 * Fixed issue #3200: Problem when adding files to a worktree which is based on a bare repo
 * Fixed issue #3201: Frequent TGitCache crashes
 * Fixed issue #3197: Bad generated path while renaming file with changing folder
 * Fixed issue #3211: Push from detached head not possible when no local branch exists
 * Fixed issue #3210: index.lock left behind after refreshing working tree changes when using Git LFS
 * Fixed issue #3234: Shortcuts for Up/Down still work while rebasing
 * Fixed issue #3239: Properly indicate processing in diff dialog
 * Fixed an regression which caused a major slowdown in TGitCache in repos with lots of unversioned files

= Release 2.6.0 =
Released: 2018-02-17

This is planned to be the last version compatible with MsysGit 1.9.5 (i.e., Git for Windows < 1.9.5).

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #3089: Show parent SHA1 on cherry picking a merge commit
 * Fixed issue #3052: Filename autocomplete in commit dialog ignores filenames starting with underscores
 * TortoiseGitMerge now uses native ribbon instead of MFC wrapped
   This results in a noticeable speed up (cf. issue #1616) and also fixes issues with rounded corners for maximized windows (cf. issue #1767)
 * Fixed issue #3107: Clean: Allow to remove orphaned submodules (i.e., clean -f -f)
 * Fixed issue #3126: Add an option to show all refs of a commit in the log (all refs are shown now by default)
 * Fixed issue #3116: Revision graph: add ability to delete branches
 * Fixed issue #3121: Create shorter branch names when checking out a commit
 * Update linked libraries:
   * pcre to 8.41
   * apr to 1.6.3 and apr-util to 1.6.1
 * Commit now informs the user if there is a conflict hint in the commit message (line starting with "# Conflicts:")
 * Fixed issue #3137: Add TortoiseGit to Win10 default program list
 * Fixed issue #3141: bisect: add good/bad continue options to progress dialog
 * Add support for github's new client protocol (x-github-client)
 * Fixed issue #3160: Close TortoiseGitBlame window by ESC key (you might need to reset keyboard shortcut settings manually)

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #3029: LogDlg: Action column icons painted over Graph or message columns when turned off or resized
 * Fixed issue #3042: Spelling and grammar errors in First Start Wizard
 * Fixed issue #3035: TortoiseGit might crash in LogDlg after fetch or refreshing working tree status
 * Fixed issue #3050: TortoiseGitMerge UI: Context menu is not available on margin left to text any more
 * Fixed issue #3059: Right click in touch mode is not working
 * Fixed issue #3064: Commit dialog ignores "Select items automatically" when refreshing
 * Fixed issue #3036: Can not save changes in Settings -> Network after trying to add command-line option to the SSH-client
 * Fixed issue #3066: Message field needs vertical scrollbar in Create Tag dialog
 * Fixed issue #3033: Cannot view submodule log if repository sits under directory symlink
   Update libgit to 2.15 based on Git for Windows source.
 * Fixed issue #3055: Explorer crash when deleting two independent folders
 * Fixed issue #3047: When Log Messages window is narrow, Filter box placeholder text may cover up the Filter Types button
 * Fixed issue #3090: Show Log window stuck with "Fetching changed files..."
 * Fixed issue #3084: Improve info message for merge-doc.js and drop broken URL
 * Fixed issue #3085: merge-doc.js: Word 2007 does not make a three-way comparison and the documents are shown in wrong order
 * Fixed issue #3086: merge-doc.js: Merge document in word >=2010 leaves three open windows
 * Fixed issue #3096: Duplicate 'Save as...' context menu items appear when closing and opening 'View Patch' window
 * Fixed issue #3093: Icon overlay might show ignored directories containing files as modified
 * Fixed issue #3076: Commit dialog opens with incomplete rendering in Windows 7 classic theme
 * Fixed issue #3094: Diff command results in crash
 * Fixed issue #3041: Commit Window might freeze when clicking on the last modified header shortly after opening
 * Fixed issue #3061: MenuButton popup might show directly under mouse arrow
 * Fixed issue #3108: Versioned file in ignored folder causes wrong overlays
 * Fixed issue #3109: Bad greying out of outer paths (other paths with same prefix also match)
 * Fixed issue #3132: Post commit hook doesn't show up on settings dialog
 * Fixed issue #2990: SendmailDlg: Don't auto select entries when using arrow keys
 * Fixed issue #3134: Deletion of submodule does not allow user to select the deleted (red) submodule on commit
 * Fixed issue #3138: "Check for modifications", "Revert" and other dialogs do not work after git update to version 2.16.0: "fatal: empty string is not a valid pathspec"
 * Fixed issue #3139: Git SSH operations do not work after git update to version 2.16.0 if ssh URL contains a port
 * Fixed issue #3143: Remember last selection of "Show nested refs" when browsing references
 * Fixed issue #3152: TortoiseGitMerge: Single pane view as default
 * Fixed issue #3158: TortoiseGitProc.exe hangs with 100% CPU when displaying commit window
 * Fixed issue #3153: "Failed to parse config file" if .gitconfig or .gitmodules use CRLF and contain blank lines
 * Fixed issue #3155: Can't parse config or .gitmodules files if the encoding is UTF-8 BOM

== Known issues ==
 * Due to changes in Win 10 1709 TortoiseGit(Merge) might start up slowly or gets slower over time without the patch KB4058258 (OS Build 16299.214) released on 2018-01-31; check Windows update (cf. issue #3087).
 * Due to a bug in Windows 10 1709 the mouse might jump on Drag in Commit Dialog (cf. issue #3145)

= Release 2.5.0 =
Released: 2017-07-23

== Major change ==
 * VS2017 is used for building TortoiseGit
   On x64 versions of Windows, the TortoiseGit context menu and overlays won't show for pure 32-bit applications in their file-open/save dialogs until you install the 2015 C++-runtime for x86. (select the vc_redist.x86.exe file for download).

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #2931: Make "ChangeList" grids in "Git synchronization" multi-selectable
 * Update Scintilla to 3.7.5
 * Fixed issue #2949: Don't hide "Show log" button when fetch/pull was not successful
 * Fixed issue #2619: Add basic support for "git worktree"
 * Fixed issue #2966: Do not need to confirm cancel out of commit when there are no changes left
 * Fixed issue #2861: Cloning a repository with many files tracked by git-lfs is extremely slow
 * Various High DPI optimizations
 * Update libgit to 2.13.1
 * Update zlib to 1.2.11
 * Update apr and apr-util
 * Fixed issue #2988: Add `Show/hide ignore local changes flagged files` in Log Dialog
 * Fixed issue #2999: Log dialog: Copy tag to clipboard
 * Fixed issue #2964: Blame: gloss over per-line commit reference if duplicated
 * Fixed issue #2429: "Abort merge" should allow to select "git reset --merge"
 * Fixed issue #2448: TortoiseGitBlame: Line Wrapping
 * Fixed issue #2550: Search functionality on message in the RefLog window
   CTRL+F and F3 already opened a search dialog, now there also is a search button
 * Fixed issue #2599: Confusing titles when resolving a rebase or a merge conflict
 * Fixed issue #3008: Allow to push individual tags
 * Fixed issue #2973: Allow to compare local and remote tags using SyncDlg
 * Fixed issue #2775: Fetch And Rebase doesn't rebase if nothing is fetched
   It's configurable now whether opening the rebase dialog is skipped if nothing was fetched or current HEAD is up2date or newer
 * Fixed issue #3016: Add context menus to the header views in three way diff mode to open TMerge again with the diff shown in the corresponding file
 * Fixed issue #2980: Since TortoiseGit 2.4.0 the icon overlays are case sensitive. if you really want to change this default, you can disable the advanced setting "OverlaysCaseSensitive". This is, however, not the default and not recommended as some git tools such as "git log" are case sensitive on paths and might show an incomplete history.
 * FileDiffDlg: Allow to use alternative diff tool by pressing Shift
 * Allow to view diff on Delete/Modified conflicts
 * Sync smart tab detection code with TortoiseSVN
 * Ask before pushing all local branches to a remote
 * TGitBlame: Allow to search both directions
 * LogDlg and CommitDlg: Provide more copy options
 * GitStatusListCtrl: Use logical (stable) sort if enabled

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2909: Commit window unclosable after clicking "No" and "do not ask again"
 * Fixed issue #2911: Doing Add on repository root fails with libgit2 returned invalid path"
 * Fixed issue #2791: Start Bisect UI incomplete
 * Update PuTTY to 0.70 (security fix, cf.
 * Fixed issue #2935: Icon overlay not shown for files on network UNC paths
 * Fix possible crash in TortoiseGitMerge when applying patch
 * Fixed issue #2942: Can't update Remote Branch of Pull dialog with Browse references dialog
 * Fixed issue #2951: Graphics corruption on taskbar overlay with UI scaling
 * Fixed issue #2945: Rebase dialog should remember the last position of the divider
 * Fixed issue #2947: Reinitializing a repository using "git init --separate-git-dir" turns all overlay icons to added
 * Allow snippets to include new lines (using "\n" notation)
 * Spell checker wrongly marked styled words as misspelled (e.g. _example_)
 * Fixed issue #2960: libgit2 fails to resolve absolute symlinks
 * Fixed issue #2963: Rebase dialog does not change "Start (FastFwd)" button during rebase process
 * Fixed issue #2968: Active urls in output windows opened when hitting ESC
 * Fixed issue #2985: TortoiseGit hangs when prematurely double clicking on "Please wait..."
 * Fixed issue #2979: gitignore patterns are always treated case sensitively for overlay icons
 * Fixed issue #2998: Resizing dialogs might lead to extension of clickable checkox area
 * Significant TGitCache rewrite which reduces disk access and fixes other issues:
   * Fixed issue #2989: TGitCache: Significantly reduce refresh requests send to Windows Explorer (causing Explorer to freeze)
   * Fixed issue #2766: TGitCache: Icon Overlay might show ignored files as non-versioned
   * Fixed issue #2818: TGitCache: overlays sometimes blink in and out of existence for several minutes at a time
   * Fixed issue #1242: TGitCache might fall into an (endless) refresh loop
   * Symlinks are not shown as modified any more
 * Missing index is not an error condition, but need to be handled like an empty index
 * Shell overlay cache: Don't show .git file with unversioned icon
 * Fixed issue #3002: Push underlined hotkey is missing in log window.
 * Fixed issue #3005: TortoiseGit does not support cloning local svn repositories
 * Fixed issue #3011: clone: --bare and --origin options are incompatible
 * Fixed issue #3013: Error message if remote Git output contains non-ASCII chars
 * Fixed issue #3014: MergeDlg: Commit dialog is opened instead of resovle dialog after resolve button pressed
 * Fixed issue #2926: Don't report an error for invalid remote symbolic references
 * Fixed issue #2955: LogDlg: infinite line to parent when initial commit is branched
 * Fixed issue #3017: Spaces at the beginning of the URL breaks pushes
 * Fixed issue #2258: Autocomplete for Remote URL box in Sync screen doesn't work
 * Fixed issue #2976: After setting the config `include.path` key, can't delete the branch which is tracking the remote branch
 * Fix possible crash if "git.exe diff-index" exits with an exit-code != 0, but no error message
 * Do not append empty pathspec to "git clean"
 * TGitBlame: Implement double buffering
 * LogDlg: Remember scroll position when refreshing working tree status
 * Fixed issue #3028: Error when using TortoiseGit cli diff command with new added file in commit
 * /startrev: and /endrev: parameters of /command:diff are no longer mixed up

= Release =
Released: 2017-02-25

There is a hotfix (incremental update from, 2 MiB) available if you do not yet run

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2909: Commit window unclosable after clicking "No" and "do not ask again"
 * Fixed issue #2911: Doing Add on repository root fails with libgit2 returned "invalid path"
 * Fixed issue #2791: Start Bisect UI incomplete
 * Update PuTTY to 0.68 (security fix, cf.
 * Fixed issue #2935: Icon overlay not shown for files on network UNC paths
 * Fix possible crash in TortoiseGitMerge when applying patch

= Release 2.4.0 =
Released: 2017-01-31

== Major change ==
* TGitCache and icon overlays are case sensitive now

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #2505: Add support for bisect skip
 * Fixed issue #2757: Allow to use quotes in command line arguments, like /logmsg:"Some text ""Quoted text"" another text"
 * Fixed issue #2849: Optimize include and exclude paths for context menu and overlay icons
   We synced the include/exclude paths code with TortoiseSVN. Now you can exclude paths in an included path.
   Some people might need to update their include/exclude paths, see our manual for more information.
 * Fixed issue #2136: LogDlg: Indicate that the View and Walk Behavior buttons contain a menu
 * Fixed issue #1635: Add option to set TortoiseGitMerge foreground text colors
 * Fixed issue #2586: Integration of further hooks: pre-rebase and post-commit
 * Fixed issue #2444: Drag and drop on commit dialog to include files in the list for committing
 * Browse References Dialog: Allow to filter for merged and unmerged branches
 * Fixed issue #2273: Remember the width of the "view patch" window
 * Fixed issue #2710: Allow start-commit hook to prevent the Commit dialog from showing
 * Fixed issue #2865: Clickable URLs in TortoiseGit output window
 * Fixed issue #2154: Copy to clipboard function in show log window doesn't include annotated tag or notes messages
 * Fixed issue #1668: Allow submodules to be removed ("Delete" is now available for submodules)
 * Update libgit2 to 0.25.1
 * The shipped libgit2 uses the CrLf filter logic from Git >= 2.9
 * Fixed issue #2863: Increase text box size limit for command progress dialog and make it configurable
 * Fixed issue #2274 and issue #2750: Add advanced option for controlling which date/time is used for squashed commits (setting: SquashDate)
   1: Use date of last commit, 2: Use current date, 0: Use time of first commit into which others are squashed (default)
 * Fixed issue #2633: Check for Modifications dialog doesn't refresh after commit
 * Fixed issue #1656: Add "dcommit" to change sets in "log messages"
 * Fixed issue #2741: TortoiseGitBlame: Allow to limit blame on first parents
 * Fixed issue #2826: Highlight commit to which the parent repo points to in the log for submodules (named: super-project-pointer)
 * Added a first start wizard which can be re-run from TortoiseGit settings
 * Fixed issue #2593: Hitting escape closes the commit window without any attention message
 * Fixed issue #2702: File selection dialog should not open for Add if only files are selected
 * Fixed issue #1749: Create Patch Serial: Remember "Since" branch
 * Fixed issue #2264: Insert new items into interactive rebase and cherry-pick process
 * Fixed issue #2456: Allow to compare change sets in log
 * Updated libgit to 2.11
 * Updated pcre to 8.40
 * Several high DPI optimizations
 * Fixed issue #2889: TortoiseGitMerge: Show inline diffs in one-pane-view mode as well, at least for single line changes
 * Fixed issue #2894: Enable/disable check boxes for hook scripts
 * Enable/disable check boxes for bugtraq plugins
 * Fixed issue #2283: Improve symbols for "Symbolize ref names"
 * Fixed issue #2746: SubWCRev equivalent required: GitWCRev added
 * Fixed issue #2082: RebaseDlg: Reorder commits via drag'n'drop
 * Fixed issue #2210: Do not allow merging from the current branch to the current branch

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2837: Fixed layout issues on settings dialog
 * Fixed issue #2839: The dialog "check for updates" has a resize issue
 * Fixed issue #2845: Sticky button when resizing the "Rename dialog"
 * Fixed issue #2846: Spell checker won't add unknown words to dictionary. The dictionaries are now saved as UTF-8. 
   If you have non ascii chars in your dictionary and want to keep those, you need to manually convert these to UTF-8.
   The dictionaries can be found in %APPDATA%\TortoiseGit\*.dic.
 * Fixed issue #2850: The installer does not completely support high-contrast-mode
 * Fixed issue #2853: Commit message autocompletion failed sometimes for words with different casing
 * Fixed issue #2851: Switching high-contrast-mode on or off, does not cause change of used UI colors
 * Fixed issue #2829: Remembering the last selected line might not work when a conflict was manually resolved
 * Fixed issue #2868: Show changes as unified diff might fail (using Cygwin git)
 * /command:showcompare /unified did not honor path filters correctly
 * Fixed issue #2870: Save unified diff can cause TortoiseGit to not respond
 * Fixed issue #2217: LogDlg: Refresh working tree status and file list after changes to working tree
 * Fixed issue #2833: Pull with 'pull.rebase=preserve' does rebase on invalid upstream
 * Fixed issue #2859: Cannot clone URLs which contain non-ASCII chars with Git for Windows 2.10.1 and 2.10.2
 * Fixed issue #2872: Rebase local/remote reversed for tree conflicts (delete/modify conflicts)
 * Fixed issue #2491: Optimize way for creating temporary files in order to improve compatibility with certain backup softwares
 * Fixed issue #2875: Fixed error in settings hint text
 * Fixed issue #2878: SplitContainer redraw issues in Cherry Pick dialog
 * Fixed issue #2877: Git fetch all with rebase might produce error
 * Fixed issue #2874: Horizontal scroll reversed in TortoiseGitMerge
 * When showing an autocompletion list, don't bail out if one is already shown but just update it
 * Fixed issue #2887: ListView flickering in Browse References dialog
 * Fixed issue #2891: "Show log" on a repo with 200k files is extremely slow due to each file attributes being queried individually
   This also improves submodule support as we rely on the directory/file information we got from git now.
 * Fixed issue #2896: Blame revisions ListView selection and flickering issues
 * Fixed issue #2883: Improve wording for our "needs merge" hint in commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #2898: Branch name forced to be lower what leads to pull error
 * TGitCache: Do not accidentally report up status of submodules to parent repo if not enabled
 * TGitCache: Prevent more FILE_SHARE_VIOLATIONS for deleting files
 * Fixed issue #497: TGitCache.exe won't let user delete folder
 * Fixed issue #2899: Fall back to %USERPROFILE% if %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% is not a directory for %HOME% detection as Git for Windows does
 * Fixed issue #2664: Windows explorer slow/very long delays with shell extension enabled

= Release 2.3.0 =
Released: 2016-10-01

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #2755: TortoiseGitMerge: find dialog box does not remember desktop location between invocations 
 * When an alternative/external diff or merge tool is configured, you can now press the shift key while opening the diff to fall back to TortoiseGitMerge
 * Fixed issue #2812: Better indicate conflicts on stash pop and allow to automatically show changes
 * Fixed issue #2439: Add 'show branches this revision is on' to the blame window
 * Fixed issue #2026: Allow to navigate to branch shown on "Show branches this commit is on" dialog
 * Fixed issue #2806: Allow to turn off tooltips in file lists (in advanced settings using ShowListFullPathTooltip)
 * Fixed issue #2475: Allow to use mailmap translations in log dialog
 * Fixed issue #2816: Add mnemonics to Reset, Switch, Merge Abort and Export dialogs
 * Fixed issue #491: Rename dialog should have a browse button
 * TortoiseGit now uses latest libgit2 which supports git index version 4
 * Added support for GIT_ASK_YESNO wrapper
 * Updated libgit to 2.10.0
 * Fixed issue #2830: Log from Repository Browser should use selected branch by default
 * Fixed issue #2829: Add, Commit, Rebase, Repository Status, Resolve, and Revert dialogs try to remember the last selected line on refresh (e.g., after resolving a conflict)
 * Rebase and Commit Dialog: When clicking on OK or resolve and a conflicted file is detected, jump to it (aka goto next conflict)

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2789: Sync Dialog In ChangeList tab auto-resize column not optimal
 * Fixed issue #2792: Mouse pointer disappears for the log window's context menu under Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
 * Fixed issue #2800: Authentication with non-ascii password fails
 * Fixed issue #2798: Commit message autocompletion doesn't work with UTF-8 encoded files
 * Fixed issue #2797: RebaseDlg: Make branch selectors adjust with resized dialog
 * Autocompletion of filenames with umlauts in the commit dialog did not work
 * Fixed issue #2799: Column sizes in "Browse references" dialog are not remembered
 * Try harder to not report unchanged files as changed (if modification time changed)
 * Fixed issue #2809: TortoiseGitMerge: Block Control Button is always disabled on conflict resolution
 * Fixed issue #2814: "Git Check for modifications" and Commit dialog runs batch files for unversioned or ignored files
 * Fixed issue #2815: TortoiseGitMerge might hang with ignore comments enabled
 * Fixed issue #2557: TortoiseGit Update closes windows explorer but might not reopen it

= Release 2.2.0 =
Released: 2016-07-02

== Features ==
 * Updated libgit to 2.8.3
 * Fixed issue #2773: Directory renames should be displayed shorter
 * GitStatusList now automatically adjusts the width of columns. This can be disabled by manually sizing it.
 * Fixed issue #2705: TGIT should allow cloning and/or creating from within a non-empty repository
 * Update Scintilla to 3.6.6
 * Fixed issue #2271: "Check For Updates" dialog should be resizable
 * Fixed issue #1953: Add drag handler to Repository Browser
 * Fixed issue #2770: Include complete relative path in TortoiseGitMerge

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2745: TortoiseGit 2.1 crashes on broken git config 
 * Fixed issue #2759: Swapped THEIRS and MINE in cherry-pick conflict dialogs and context menus
 * Fixed issue #2767: The online help of Settings->Git->Remote should explain the "Push Default" checkbox
 * Fixed issue #2772: Comparing with added file might result in comparison with empty file
 * Fixed issue #2774: Pull dialog with Russian LangPack has three defficiencies
 * Fixed issue #2783: "Delete and add to ignore list" does not work when more than 16 files are selected
 * Fixed issue #2740: Order of compared references in revision graph is labelled inverted
 * Fixed issue #2785: Rebase/Cherry-pick with conflict in renamed file fails
 * Fixed issue #2714: TortoiseGitMerge should redraw if font is changed
 * Fixed issue #2756: TortoiseGitMerge: Regex Filter doesn't filter from "Previous diff", "Next diff" operation
 * Fixed issue #2736: stash list/pop missing when refs are packed
 * /revision1: and /revision2: parameters of /command:showcompare are no longer mixed up

= Release 2.1.0 =
Released: 2016-03-26

== Changes ==
 * We disabled the stripping of comments on commit messages by default again (see issue #2715)

== Known issues ==
 * TortoiseGit may crash at startup if git config is broken or libgit emits
   warnings/errors (see issue #2745).
   Hotfix is available:

== Features ==
 * Update PuTTY to 0.67
 * Fixed issue #2733: Hide commit button after file add when invoked from commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #2734: When pull.rebase is set, start rebase just after fetch, not after OK button
 * Fixed issue #2731: Improved autolist.txt regex for C# files
 * Update libgit2 to 0.24.0
 * Update Scintilla to 3.6.4

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2719: Commit & Push in CommitDlg doesn't respect default remote and pushbranch settings
 * Fixed issue #1902: CommitDlg: Do not lose SQUASH_MSG contents
 * Fixed issue #2732: Commit dialog: Message field should have focus (when patch is shown)
 * Fixed issue #2730: Pull with rebase with preserve merges not working for noops
 * Fixed issue #2728: Cherry Pick is not working in case of conflict and empty message
 * Fixed issue #2715: Cannot commit with a commit message starting with a hash (#) character
 * Updated libgit to 2.5.5 which includes fixes for CVE-2016-2315 and CVE-2016-2324
 * Fix the the credential helper settings dialog

= Release 2.0.0 =
Released: 2016-02-29

== Changes ==
 * Custom dictionaries are no longer loaded when located in %PROGRAMFILES%\TortoiseGit or %PROGRAMFILES%\TortoiseGit\bin-directory
   Must be in  %APPDATA%\TortoiseGit\dic or %PROGRAMFILES%\TortoiseGit\Languages folder (former has priority)
 * Dropped TGitCacheCheckContent configuration setting, please use TGitCacheCheckContentMaxSize instead (settings will be automatically migrated)
 * Pre- and post-push hooks do not get the path as first parameter any more
 * Git for Windows 1.9.5 or newer is now required
 * TortoiseGit now applies the same whitespace and new line sanitizing rules as git core for commit messages by default
 * TortoiseGit now strips commented lines (starting with #) on commit messages by default
 * We changed the version schema to X.Y.Z, where X is incremented for major changes, Y for every stable release, and Z!=0 represents preview releases

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #2641: Commit: Pre-select first item from "Changes made" list
 * Allow to reset stored decisions (cf. issue #2640)
 * Fixed issue #2643: Set branch description on its creation
 * Fixed issue #1629: Have the push dialog opened via right-click in log default to branch that was actually clicked on
 * Update TortoiseGitPlink to version 0.66
 * Fixed issue #943: Allow to use keyboard shortcuts in Git progress dialog (e.g., ALT+R for ReCommit after commit)
 * Fixed issue #2314: Allow to preserve merges on rebase
 * Fixed issue #2673: Display tracked remote URL in folder properties
 * Fixed issue #2630: TGitBlame: Allow to blame files of different working trees w/o restarting
 * Fixed issue #2679: Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar is shown in case logwidthmarker is set
 * Rebase dialog now honors rebase.autostash=true
 * Fixed issue #2270: Print a warning on a merge commit, so that changes are not unchecked unintentionally
 * Fixed issue #2310: Add support for notes.rewrite.rebase
 * Fixed issue #2629: "Browse References Dialog" save sort column + order
 * Fixed issue #2678: Filter out special ref names in log graph
 * Fixed issue #2692: Add support for pull.rebase and
 * Fixed issue #2701: Add and Revert should respect Autoclose settings and not show any dialog boxes
   Maybe we introduce finer grained auto close levels later.
 * Fixed issue #1899: Support cherry-picking merge revisions 
 * Fixed issue #2551: Allow to create patches w/o a/ and b/ prefixes
 * Fixed issue #2302: One button to do Commit & push
 * Fixed issue #527: Fix the dialog after commit for us to be able to continue committing
 * Fixed issue #2697: Display "In Commits" and "In ChangeList" tabs for Fetch&Rebase in Sync dialog
 * Fixed issue #2484: Recursive option is not remembered in clone dialog
 * Fixed issue #2259: SyncDlg: Allow to fetch all remote references of a specific remote instead of a single branch (Fetch all refs)
 * Fixed issue #1130: Sync dialog forgets the remote branch every time (ask whether to store a tracked branch)

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2647: TortoiseGitBlame does not display files correctly with mixed line endings (such as CRCRLF)
 * Fixed issue #2650: Empty ListViews drawing issue
 * Fixed issue #2662: Border line in commit text boxes is shown 2 characters past the specified width
 * Fixed issue #2660: No colors in git.exe progress dialog since 1.8.16
 * Fixed issue #2646: Library broken in Windows 10
 * Fixed issue #2670: LogDlg: cannot paste to "Filter paths"
 * Fixed issue #2676: Swapped Theirs and Mine in Edit conflicts outside of rebase dialog on rebasing
 * Fixed issue #2690: Failed to Show log from repository browser when that repository is located on a drive
 * Fixed issue #2655: Resolve does not work on multiple selection during deleted-modifed conflict resolution
 * Fixed issue #2668: TortoiseGit commit with git-lfs files, show me a error: ".git/index.lock" file exist
 * Fixed issue #2638: TGitCache crashes on a broken repo (out of bounds read in libgit2)

= Release =
Released: 2015-11-01

== Features ==
 * Updated libgit to version 2.5.0 
 * Fixed issue #2563: No Windows 10-specific library icon
 * Fixed issue #2568: Add Fast Forward Only option to the merge dialog (--ff-only)
 * Fixed issue #2579: Add option to retry push after failed push followed by rebase
 * Fixed issue #2583: No overlay icon theme for Windows 10
 * Fixed issue #2578: Resolve Dialog <enter> should open "Edit conflicts"
 * Fixed issue #2590: Allow to resolve conflicts with TortoiseGitIDiff by clicking on select
 * Added branch revision number for tracking of the source code version of a branch in automated builds using "git rev-list --count --first-parent"
 * Allow to choose Git Credential Manager for Windows (GCM)
 * Fixed issue #2604: Tag using TortoiseGitProc.exe /command:tag should accept a tag name argument
 * Fixed issue #2609: Start scrolling the log from the bottom of the window rather than the top when finishing the progress
 * Fixed issue #2608: Need a cancel option when cancelling a "restore after commit"
 * Fixed issue #2531: Can't filter message in annotated tag or text in notes
 * LogDlg: Clear filter on escape (if set) or exit dialog
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Allow to change file encoding
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Move all commands to the first view to avoid having to switch views
 * Add find bar to patch viewer
 * Added some new OverlayIcon styles (especially for Windows 10)
 * Update PuTTY binaries to 0.65
 * Update TortoiseOverlays to 1.1.4-26626

== Bug Fixes ==
 * TortoiseGitMerge highlights wrong line in case of file starts with LF+CRLF
 * Fixed issue #2337: CommitDlg: recent commit messages list isn't updated after commit in other dialog windows
 * Fixed issue #2377: BrowseRefsDlg: Don't enter branch directory when renaming a branch
 * Fixed issue #2559: Paths may change to lowercase in explorer
 * Fixed issue #2492: ssh key not used for new remote after clone
 * Fixed issue #2582: Taskbar icon color differs when drive letter is uppercase/lowercase
 * Fixed issue #2580: Clone dialog: Dir/Web button is confusing
 * Fixed issue #2558: Can't create a new temp file/folder after upgrading to Win10
 * Fixed issue #2581: Blame is slow on big files
 * Fixed issue #2567: Log performance slow on huge repository
 * Fixed issue #2585: Language pack files aren't deleted after removing TortoiseGit 
 * Fixed issue #2553: Git cleanup fails for renamed submodules
 * Fixed issue #2598: Git Daemon error with root path (as "D:\")
 * Fixed issue #2615: Error during Rebase Edit/Split on a root path
 * Fixed issue #2528: Unreadably long message box when failing to read a file in a new project
 * TGitCache: Fix possible deadlock and performance optimizations
 * Fixed issue #2560: Problems with MS Outlook and "Name" <> formatted email-addresses
 * Fixed issue #2624: Encoding issues when using suggested words from spell checker
 * Fixed issue #2602: templatedir not respected if directory starts with dot
 * Fixed issue #2622: TortoiseGit shows context menu for two unversioned files even if told not to do so

= Release =
Released: 2015-08-02

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #2245: Make the meaning of "Squash" clearer
 * Fixed issue #2488: BrowseRefsDlg: Option to hide nested branches
 * Fixed issue #2490: BrowseRefsDlg: Allow to configure tracked branches
 * Fixed issue #2469: Support reviewing merge commits (git show merge-commit)
 * Add full support for Git for Windows 2.x and windows-wide system config
 * Fixed issue #2232: Change Show Log to display all lines of multiline commit comments in the message column
 * Fixed issue #1930: Navigate directly to a commit in "Show log" by pasting its hash
 * Fixed issue #2280: Ability to use Msys2 git instead of Git for Windows
   Check out the manual (keyword "Msys2 git") regarding Msys2 Git support and configuration hints.
   Please note that Msys2 Git is not officially supported by TortoiseGit as the developers only use Git for Windows. Bug reports, however, are welcome.
 * Fixed issue #1003: Show Log does not remember the from-date (configurable now)
 * Fixed issue #1793: Fetch&Rebase: Launch rebase only if the branch isn't up to date
 * Fixed issue #1886: Fetch&Rebase should allow automatic branch update if FF
 * Fixed issue #836: CommitDlg: Do not auto-select files which are deleted in file system, but are not deleted in the index on commit dialog (optional)
 * Fixed issue #2513: TortoiseGitUDiff: Add keyboard shortcuts

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2495: "Show Reflog" dialog shows empty action for "push" entries
 * Fixed issue #2500: Amend with date reset causes an error with git 2.x
 * Fixed issue #2507: Support keyboard shortcuts in yes/no prompts
 * Fixed issue #2496: LogDlg: Controls may overlap on screen resolution change
 * Fixed issue #2153: Log window resize should expand commit list
 * Fixed issue #2509: Prompt for stash before rebase is not matched with pop stash  after rebase
 * Fixed issue #2510: Non-correctly visualized settings dialog on modern high-DPI displays
 * Fixed issue #2514: diff uses wrong tool in case the filename matches an extension for which a special diff tool is registerd
 * Fixed issue #2487: Show log dialog lose focus of "working dir changes" after content refresh
 * Fixed issue #2517: Submodule Update dialog cannot be re-sized
 * Fixed issue #2504: Problems with MS Outlook and generated emails
 * Optimized TortoiseGitBlame to be used with high contrast themes and black background colors
 * Fixed issue #2529: The status of files which are not checked should be the same in the index after commit
   Unchecked deleted/renamed files were not put into previous state in index after commit
 * Fixed issue #2537: TortoiseGitPlink will not connect to OpenSSH 6.9
   Upgraded TortoiseGitPlink to version 0.65
 * Shell(Extended): Fix mismatch of directory and file status; Only staged changes Were considered for the calculation of the overlay icons of directories.
 * Fixed issue #2546: Location bar in TortoiseGitMerge missing
 * Fixed issue #2545: Incorrect TortiseGitMerge behavior when ignore comments is on
 * Fixed issue #2544: LogDlg giving inconsistent results with rename and merge files with follow renames
 * Fixed issue #2479: TortoiseGit does not work in hard link folder

= Release =
Released: 2015-04-08

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #2441: A way to disable the sound that is played on errors
 * Updated shipped TortoiseGitPlink and putty binaries to version 0.64
 * Fixed issue #2466: TortoiseGitUDiff tool cannot be localized
 * TGitCache: Improve reaction time for propagating changes to explorer
 * Fixed issue #2031: Missing option to disable displaying "FETCH_HEAD" in "Switch/Checkout" dialog box
 * Log, RepoBrowser, and Rebase Dialogs: Allow to compare arbitrary files across commits
 * Fixed issue #2534: Use the current time for amending commit (also sets commit time)
 * TortoiseGitBlame: Implemented search forward (F3) and search backward (Shift+F3)
 * Allow to compare file with deleted file in CommitDlg (e.g., useful for renames)
 * Allow to use Explorer context menu options from TortoiseGit context menu
 * Sort remotes logically/case-insensitively

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2427: "Submodule of Project: " cannot be localized
 * Fixed issue #2432: MessageBox buttons cannot be localized
 * Fixed issue #2433: Cannot see the log in Diff with previous version
 * Fixed issue #2453: The overlay icon of committed files in a submodule named with Chinese characters is unversioned icon
 * Fixed issue #2455: "Diff with ..." menu cannot be localized
 * Fixed issue #2431: Add fails in submodule after upgrade from 1.8.12 to 1.8.13
 * Fixed issue #2449: wrong column info in tag reference dialog
 * Fixed issue #2436: Overlay icons gradually disappear or show files as unversioned after a short time
 * Fixed issue #2374: Rebase option in config not working anymore for pull
 * Fixed issue #1440: Different status of modified renamed or moved files in Show log dialog, Check for Modifications dialog and Commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #1501: Unchanged files appears modified in Show Log dialog
 * Fixed issue #2477: Change "Split commit" label to "Edit/Split commit" in Rebase dlg
 * Fixed issue #2481: "Start registry editor" does not work properly in non-English locales
 * Fixed issue #2480: CommitDlg: auto-complete doesn't include removed items
 * Fixed issue #2451: Cleanup fails quietly if file is in use
 * Various bug fixes based on our newly added unit tests
 * Not all remotes showing in Push/Pull/Fetch/Sync dialogs (was limited to 25)

= Release =
Released: 2015-02-15

== Features ==
 * Improved auto update
   Version checks will use SSL (on Vista or newer systems)
   New version.txt file format with more options
 * Fixed issue #2243: Submodule red-icon doesn't propagate to higher folders (configurable now)
 * Improved overlay icon accuracy
   You might need to kill TGitCache.exe once using the TaskManager in order to reset its cache
 * Fixed issue #2388: See the exact time when the Relative time in log enabled
 * Fixed issue #2346: Add drag'n'drop to "Apply patches" window
 * Fixed issue #2357: Save the state of Search criteria checkboxes in Log dialog
 * Fixed issue #2420: Make push available in log for arbitrary commits (when pressing the shift key)
 * Fixed issue #2351: Allow upstream to be separate from onto in rebase
 * Fixed issue #1400: Allow the use of tags within the Git Rebase dialog
 * Fixes issue #2417: Resolving a conflict forces refresh of Commit Dialog
   A new advanced option (RefreshFileListAfterResolvingConflict) was added which controls
   whether file lists are refreshed after resolving conflicts. By default this is set to
   true, but can be disabled in cases where refreshing the list takes lots of time or
   people don't want the list to automatically scroll to the top (this also mitigates
   issue #1949 until we have a cleaner fix). F5 for manual refresh is needed if enabled.
 * Fixed issue #56: Ability to use Cygwin's git instead of msysGit
   Check out the manual (keyword "Cygwin git") regarding Cygwin Git support and configuration hints.
   Please note that Cygwin Git is not officially supported by TortoiseGit as the developers only
   use Git for Windows. Bug reports, however, are welcome.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2359: Selected files counter not updated after revert
 * Fixed issue #2362: git.exe get stuck on Win XP
 * Fixed issue #2372: Remote Config Tags Dropdown doesn't enable Apply-Button when switching to Reachable
 * Updated libgit2 in order to fix CVE-2014-9390.
   TortoiseGit is not affected in its default configuration (libgit2 has to be manually enabled for cloning).
   Git for Windows and mSysGit < 1.9.5 are affected, so an update highly recommended.
 * Fixed issue #2385: 'Mail' - 'Use configured server' & 'none'... seems cannot be localized
 * Fixed issue #2356: Rebase dialog should also auto-link to issue tracker
 * Fixed issue #2390: /command:log /outfile not written
 * Fixed issue #2391: Cannot clear "Load Putty Key" in clone dialog persistently
 * Fixed issue #1789: Tooltips not properly displayed in Log List if that commit has refs
 * Fixed issue #2353: Link to bug tracker not available in Show Log dialog on Win8+
 * Fixed issue #2368: CTRL+ENTER locks up GUI on Updating Index...
 * Fixed issue #2414: SendMail doesn't correctly place the mail in to list
 * Fixed several issues in libgit2 regarding SafeCrLf and AutoCrlf

= Release =
Released: 2014-11-25

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #2272: Export Dialog auto select tag if the revision has tag
 * We now use a 4096-bit RSA key with SHA2-512 for signing and verifying our releases instead of a 1024-bit DSA key with SHA1
   The new key is signed by the old key. You can get the fingerprint from a trusted TortoiseGit installation by issuing
   "TortoiseGitProc.exe /command:pgpfp"
 * Fixed issue #1928: Hotkeys in "Show log" dialog for navigating back / forward
 * Fixed issue #1316: Add git describe
 * Fixed issue #2294: Submodule Update dialog doesn't save its state
 * Fixed issue #2176: Color config for "View Patch" Window & Tortoise(Git)UDiff
 * Fixed issue #2331: Show prefix log asterisk in Log Dialog
 * Fixed issue #2157: TortoiseGitMerge does not delete temporary files on close (marking as "resolved" in TGit was necessary)
 * Fixed issue #1950: Log Dialog: File list filter
 * Fixed issue #2330: Optimize submodule conflict resolution
 * Fixed issue #2332: TortoiseGitMerge: Move "Create patch file" to the File menu
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Updated EditorConfig version to 0.12
 * Fixed issue #2341: Jump to search box when pressing CTRL+E
 * Custom dictionaries for the spell checker can now be put into the %APPDATA%\TortoiseGit\dic folder (w/o administrator privileges).
   All other locations within the TortoiseGit installation folder (e.g. bin, dic, ...) except Languages are now deprecated.
   See the manual for more information.
 * TGitCache: Overlay update improvements and speedups

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2260: Clicking in blank space in Commit dialog causes all unversioned files to become selected
 * Fixed issue #2290: "Pulled Log" broken
 * Fixed issue #2281: TGit 1.8.11 is not using %HOME% correctly
 * Fixed issue #2306: TortoiseGitMerge ToolTip messages for Previous/next inline difference mixed up
 * Fixed issue #2308: Pressing ESC in the skip-worktree confirmation dialog box selects 'yes'
 * Fixed issue #2309: [Show log of aaaa..bbbb] on sub directory shows logs on root directory
 * Fixed issue #2126: Rebase: Squash after conflict causes additional commit
 * Fixed issue #2313: [Clean to recycle bin] after Clean-up dry run removes unexpected files
 * Fixed issue #874: Add --rebase option to pull dialog
 * Fixed issue #2316: Error on comparing files when git config core.autocrlf ends with 2+ spaces and then a comment
 * Fixed issue #2323: TortoiseGit does not pull --tags despite checking Tags
 * Fixed issue #2327: Help button is broken in "SVN Commit Type" dialog
 * TGitCache now checks file sizes before checking file contents. This should mitigate possible "file is locked" problems.
 * Fixed issue #2329: Changes track remote branch when fast forward is used
 * Fixed issue #1872: Rebase edit doesn't amend files but only the commit message
 * Fixed issue #2342: Ignore whitespace blame option not work
 * Fixed issue #2311: Empty commits cannot be rebased
 * Fixed issue #2312: Fix UTF-8 AutoCRLF issues with libgit2
 * Fixed issue #2345: The Show Log dialog's View Patch side window is empty when the Working dir changes line is selected and no file is selected
 * Fixed issue #2348: Conflicts during rebase appends "conflicts" to commit message

= Release =
Released: 2014-08-22

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2257: Fetching & pushing using ssh.exe not working with TortoiseGit 1.8.10
 * Fixed crashes while opening the revision graph in the x64 version on some AMD CPUs
 * Fixed some other possible crashes when working with broken repositories or writing files failed
 * TortoiseGitMerge did not show ribbon bar with Portuguese (Brazil) language pack loaded

= Release =
Released: 2014-08-12

== Features ==
 * Updated shipped libgit2 to version 0.21
 * Fixed issue #1605: Add TortoiseGit start and pre commit hooks
 * Fixed issue #2170: Please add interface to "git svn log -v"
 * Fixed issue #1787: auto-complete label when writing commit message
 * Fixed issue #2241: Cleanup: result window of dry run should offer to "really remove"
 * Fixed issue #1596: Added basic support for clean/smudge filters
 * Fixed issue #2167: Support git push --force-with-lease option
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Support EditorConfig indent_style(space/tab) and indent_size
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Can specify number of context lines or follow diff.context in a patch file
 * Can sort tags in reversed order
 * Can shallow pull/fetch a shallow clone repository
 * Revision Graph: Add filter to walk from Only Local Branches

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2216: Add fails with message: libgit2: "failed to parse 'warn' as boolean"
 * Fixed issue #2218: Tortoise Git Extra Backslash with SUBST Drive Paths
 * Fixed issue #1951: Slow switch/checkout dialog
 * Fixed issue #2064: Broken characters when dragging the horizontal bar in TortoiseGitMerge
 * Fixed issue #2143: PowerShell not working in git hooks
 * Fixed issue #2222: 'Prune' in the pull dialog does not work
 * Fixed issue #2223: Move & revert operations not as expected if working tree root is directly on a drive
 * Fixed issue #2225: include.path does not understand tilde (~)
 * Fixed issue #2228: TortoiseGitUDiff incorrect font by non-ascii char name
 * Fixed issue #2230: First click on order dialog is ignored
 * Fixed issue #2003: TortoiseMerge uses wrong EOL with patches
 * Fixed issue #2234: Config file mess up if not end with LF
 * Fixed issue #2238: TortoiseGitMerge Default button in "Find" dialog does replace all
 * Fixed issue #2250: bugtraq.logregex Test incorrectly saves the order of the fields
 * TGitCache now does not check the contents of files with filesize > 10 MiB any more
   and falls back to checking the timestamp of the files (as if TGitCacheCheckContent
   is set to "false") according the the git index. This limit can be changed by adjusting
   TGitCacheCheckContentMaxSize (measured in KiB) in TortoiseGit advanced settings.
   The reason for this change is that libgit2 reads a file to memory for hashing and,
   thus, locking the file and the repository for this time span.
   Fixed issue #2240: TGitCache keeps crashing when I look at my folders or commit
 * Fixed issue #2219: "add cherry picked from" is not applied when squashing/editing the commits
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Fix some crashes when Wrap Long Lines is enabled
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Use the screen chars of the current view for the scrollbar page value
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Do not draw EOL mark in line number region
 * TortoiseGitMerge: No need to expand tab to spaces when finding inline diff positions
 * Repository Browser said commit not found in submodule

== Known Issues ==
 * There seems to be a bug in the MFC library which occurs when opening the revision graph in the x64
   version on AMD CPUs, we cannot fix this. Please vote for this on Microsoft Connect:

= Release =
Released: 2014-06-09

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #2152: Log window show whole commit in "View patch"
 * Fixed issue #2149: Can't search message in annotated tag or text in notes
 * Fixed issue #2172: Support num parameters of git blame -M and git blame -C
 * Fixed issue #2179: Revision comparisons against HEAD should not generate temporary files (allow to compare to working tree)
 * Fixed issue #2168: Add to the "Clean up" dialog "Recursive" option for submodules
 * Fixed issue #2196: Log dialog file list group headers show parent SHA-1
 * Fixed issue #2144: TortoiseGit should support configuring pushurl for remotes
 * Fixed issue #2155: Make "Delete Remote Tags..." more discoverable
 * Fixed issue #2164: allow Commit from Log > Working dir changes of selected files
 * Fixed issue #2096: Allow to disable blue text-label about git.exe execution timings on progress dialog
 * Fixed issue #968: Rebase / Cherry Pick dialogs should update "conflict" status when conflicts are resolved
 * Fixed issue #1706: Show log in different branch reverts to active branch
 * Fixed issue #1973: Support INS/OVR mode in TortoiseMerge
 * Fixed issue #1970: Provide replacement function in TortoiseGitMerge
 * Use libgit2 for more operations instead of calling git.exe

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2158: TortoiseGit sometimes crashes when doing Sync > Pull
 * Fixed issue #2159: URL combo box in Submodule Add is not case sensitive
 * Fixed issue #2171: blame setting 'detect moved or copied line' does not work for the case 'from modified files'
 * Fixed issue #2174: Submodule update shows wrong submodule list
 * Fixed issue #2175: TortoiseGitBlame fails to search if line has non-ascii chars and system locale is not US
 * Fixed issue #2141: libgit2 still added the file with mixing EOL, while autocrlf and safecrlf are true
 * Fixed issue #2183: Explorer Property Page "Last modified" stays empty
 * Fixed issue #2180: When opening revision graph, scroll to current branch
 * Fixed issue #2104: Opening log for non-git folder results in multiple error messages
 * Fixed issue #2192: Shell context menu not detecting submodule if submodule name differs from submodule path
 * Fixed issue #2187: Misshowed branch on many dialogs in the new version
 * Fixed issue #2191: Skip-worktree or assume-valid flagged files are not always listed if subfolder is selected
 * Fixed issue #2199: Fetch dialog does not delete remote in remote list after managing remotes
 * Fixed issue #2200: Add remote name starts with # should not fetch all
 * Fixed issue #2190: "Force Rebase" after "Squash ALL" does not mark commits for squashing
 * Fixed issue #2073: Remove Entry of remote in "Remote Url" box in sync window
 * Fixed issue #2207: "Do you want to stash pop now?" dialog shows "Stash" labeled button instead of "Pop"
 * Fixed issue #2161: Windows explorer slow/very long delays with shell extension enabled and accessing network folders
 * Fixed issue #2198: MSVCR110.dll error with TortoisePlink. However, using TortoiseGitPlink is recommended

= Release =
Released: 2014-04-01

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #2065: Add link to fetch to screen when push failed
 * Fixed issue #1855: Support negative log filter syntax
 * Fixed issue #1029: Add function to control the TGitCache module
 * Fixed issue #2086: Rebase autoskip patches that are already in upstream
 * Fixed issue #2112: Disable option for Drag & Drop Handler
 * Fixed issue #2114: Allow to swap rebase refs
 * Updated libgit to version 1.9.0
 * Fixed issue #1920: Diff in log dialog like in commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #2134: Easier to select lines to partial commit in TortoiseGitMerge
 * Fixed issue #2135: Add menu button to open Explorer when clone finishes

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #2067: Normalize email with capital letters when calculating gravatar hash
 * Fixed issue #2071: TGitCache blocks Windows to eject USB drive
 * Fixed issue #2074: Time field not large enough
 * Fixed issue #1648: Issue with handles being kept when there are uncommitted changes
 * Fixed issue #2083: TortoiseGitBlame 'show unified diff' actually performs compare
 * Fixed issue #2087: Rebase ComboBox DropDown List too short
 * Fixed issue #2088: log entries have space in front of message without labels if right side drawing is enabled
 * Fixed issue #2075: Commit do not show merged files after merge
 * Fixed issue #2097: Wrong context menu when selecting ignored file in Status dialog
 * Fixed issue #2099: Cannot cancel "Delete and add to ignore list"
 * Fixed issue #2109: Checkout Tag without creating Branch - Remove Pull Option
 * Fixed issue #2106: "All local branches" option is not remembered
 * Fixed issue #2076: Issue Tracker Integration is broken in
 * Fixed issue #2124: Rebase icon not properly displayed
 * Fixed issue #2113: JiraSvn bugtraq provider's commit behavior is broken
 * Fixed issue #2128: tagopt not saved when asked to disable tag fetching
 * Fixed issue #2127: After delete last tag in Browse references, tree of refs disappeared
 * Fixed issue #2131: Commit message not used when merging with "squash" option
 * Fixed issue #2147: Resolve not dealing correctly with (modify/delete) conflicts
 * Fixed issue #2148: Cherry pick with conflicts does not add "Cherry picked from..."
 * Fixed issue #2150: Integrate with issue tracker - bug Id cannot be larger than 6 digit number

= Release =
Released: 2014-01-12

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #1943: Add "Ignore N items by extension" in Commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #1952: Export specific folder
 * Fixed issue #1002: No right-drag context menu (git copy & add, git move)
 * Fixed issue #1956: Ship more overlay icon sets as TortoiseSVN does
 * Add Ref Compare List in Sync Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1975: Pull Dialog should remember fast forward only
 * Fixed issue #1981: Hotkey to focus on file list in commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #1979: Comments are not stripped from commit message
 * Fixed issue #1991: Disable (by default) certain operations with stash commits
 * Updated shipped libgit2 to version 0.20
 * Fixed issue #2010: Conflict dialog show local and remote commits
 * Autocompletion for language-dependent keywords (usually class/method/variable names) in the commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #2034: Show gravatar in TortoiseGitBlame
 * Fixed issue #871: Blame copy/move detection and other options
 * Fixed issue #1990: TortoiseGitBlame always takes whitespace into account
 * Fixed issue #1988: Allow tag selection in From/To fields instead of dates only
 * Fixed issue #2015: Save and load ref lists (selections) in "Show log" -> "Browse references"
 * Fixed issue #1847: Option to show all local branches in log view
 * Fixed issue #1823: Pressing tab key can insert spaces instead of tab in TortoiseGitMerge
 * Fixed issue #2047: Create a log file with git commands and output
 * Fixed issue #1129: Add Fetch/Pull operations in Show Log window
 * Fixed issue #2048: Add date to stash list / reflog
 * Fixed issue #2049: Add pull to after commit actions
 * Fixed issue #1980: Add Show Unified Diff entry to context menu in TortoiseGitBlame in Revision List
 * Fixed issue #1820: Show Assume valid/unchanged files in repo status dialog on a separate list
 * Fixed issue #1603: Make "Show Whole Project" in log and commit dialog autosaved
 * Fixed issue #827: add the option to autoclose the "Git command progress" window
 * Fixed issue #1913: SVN DCommit Button in successful merge Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1978: Use file directory on Save revision to path in Repository Browser and log dialog
 * Updated libgit to version
 * Fixed issue #2059: "Go to line" CLI argument support for diff command

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1947: When editing git notes, spurious reformatting is done
 * Fixed issue #1958: Revision graph crashes when trying to switch/checkout via context menu
 * Fixed issue #1963: TortoiseGitMerge: Missing color config when an added line is changed
 * Fixed issue #1976: Commit log crashes if it receives a WM_PRINTCLIENT while opening
 * Fixed issue #1974: bugtraq logregex does not save correctly
 * Fixed issue #1977: Commit log: cannot select multiple branches if a branch name matches a filename
 * Fixed issue #1992: Compare selected refs fails if tag object is selected
 * Fixed issue #1985: TortoiseGitBlame does not follow renames when comparing line with previous version
 * Fixed issue #2008: Wrong reflog if hash repeated
 * Fixed issue #2004: In create patch serial dialog, number of commits up down buttons reversed
 * Fixed issue #2013: Double-clicking on ref log list doesn't work until after right-clicking it
 * Fixed issue #2016: Changed files list forgets sort order after switching versions in compare revisions dialog
 * Fixed issue #2014: "Show log" doesn't update properly when a window is dragged over it if aero is not enabled
 * Fixed issue #2021: Disable commit template when combine commits
 * Fixed issue #2024: Unnamed "remote" should not be created
 * Fixed issue #2027: Failed to preserve selected commit when filter is removed
 * Fixed issue #2030: TortoisePlink crash on x64
 * Fixed issue #2037: TortoiseGit.dll sometimes does not close it's handles in explorer.exe
 * Fixed issue #2040: "fatal: pathspec did not match any files" error when resolving deleted/modified conflict
 * Fixed issue #1866: Check for newer version of tgit behind proxy
 * Fixed issue #1927: Clicking on a hyperlinked commit hash leaves the target's log message un-hyperlinked
 * Fixed issue #1835: Question mark icons on committed unchanged files
 * Fixed issue #2053: Can't do "Combine to one commit"; changed file list wrongly empty
 * Fixed issue #2051: Submodule update error when fetchRecurseSubmodules has value on-demand
 * Fixed issue #1860: Race condition in git.exe Progress Dialog
 * Fixed issue #2020: Passworddialog in background after requesting username
 * Fixed issue #1802: submodule update module selection not always accurate
 * Fixed issue #1579: Log Dialog sometimes forgets the dialog height

== Known Issues ==
 * If you upgraded Windows 8 to 8.1 and you experience problems with the installer, please see issue #2061.

= Release =
Released: 2013-10-20

== Features ==
 * Revision Graph: Can generate output graph file through command line
 * Fixed issue #1858: Switch-and-merge as a single command
 * Log Dialog: Support Gravatar
 * Implement git checkout --merge
 * TortoiseGitIDiff: Conflict resolving for images
 * Fixed issue #1795: Allow to put branch labels on right side of message column in log view
 * Fixed issue #1870: Commit subset of changes selected from diff dialog
 * Fixed issue #1785: If PuTTY defaults to anything other than type SSH port 22, TortoiseGit acts up on SSH cloning (fixed in TortoiseGitPlink.exe)
 * Add setting to confirm to kill running git process in progress dialog
 * Added support for tgit://-links to start cloning from browser (e.g. tgit://clone/
 * Added optional support for git://-links to start cloning from browser
 * Added optional support for smartgit:// and github-windows://-links to start cloning from browser
   In order to be able to use github-windows://-links on web page, you have to enable them for your GitHub profile once.
   Right now the only way is to install the official GitHub client and sign in with your GitHub profile (on any Windows machine).
 * Allow to edit hierarchical git settings
   If you have set "i18n.commitencoding" to something different than UTF-8 check your "" setting
 * Fixed issue #1645: enable/disable spell checking in commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #1806: Compressed graph in the log view
 * Fixed issue #1926: Add "No Merges" checkbox in Log Messages window
 * Fixed issue #1779: tortoisegit does not understand include.path in global config
   If you have relevant settings for TGitCache in an included file, you have to restard TGitCache or modify the global, system, or local config file in order to reload any included file.
 * Support project icon as task button overlay
 * Fixed issue #1946: In "Compare revisions", please show something to confirm when there are no differences

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1859: Log too long when using Switch to New Branch option in Create Branch dialog
 * Fixed issue #1864: Commit button did not work after revert
 * Fixed issue #1862: Some labels not wide enough for translations to fit in
 * Fixed issue #1790: "Clean up" window position is not preserved on multi-monitor setup
 * Fixed issue #1876: Up/down buttons in Rebase dialog desynchronise the bottom view
 * Fixed issue #1875: Commit selection is lost with focus in Rebase dialog
 * Fixed issue #1873: Squash doesn't preserve original author date
 * Fixed issue #1863: never-ending wait due to lost messages
 * Fixed issue #1883: Option Buttons in Hook script not wide enough
 * Fixed issue #1893: Unified diff for merge commit always shows inverted changes
 * Fixed issue #1896: Switch/Checkout Branch name resets itself after browsing for a branch
 * Fixed issue #1895: Context menu incomplete if working tree is located on network share
 * Fixed issue #1618: In "Show log", mouseover triggers improper redraw of ClearType font log descriptions in "Message" column
 * Fixed issue #1891: Cleanup dialog unexpectedly sizable
 * Bring back templates when creating repository with libgit2, it was "cancelled" in since TortoiseGit 1.8.0
 * Fixed issue #1908: "Export selection to.." fails to checkout files which names (or paths) renamed in working dir
 * Fixed issue #1914: Repository Browser give an error (libgit2) after change branch
 * Fixed issue #1915: Submodule Update Dialog behaves curious
 * Fixed issue #1919: Submodule visibility with square brackets
 * Fixed issue #1918: Settings dialog forces to use remotes
 * Fixed issue #1923: Once Credential node is activated, pressing apply button in Settings dialog will close the dialog
 * Fixed issue #1769: "Show Log" missing from context menu if "Shell Extended" and a file was Added but not committed
 * Fixed issue #1917: Avoid request to stash if there is nothing to rebase or fast forward is possible
 * Fixed issue #1929: Using "Find" in "Show log" doesn't move to commits it finds, it only selects them
 * Fixed issue #1948: Case sensitive authors switch throw an error

== Known Issues ==
 * If you experience problems with PuTTY ssh, please see issue #1880.

= Release =
Released: 2013-08-18

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #1831: Allow Origin Remote Renaming on Clone
 * Fixed issue #1839: Conflict dialog does not allow resolving multiple or all conflicts with the same option
 * Allow to send (patch)mails over relay servers (e.g. the one from your ISP)
 * When adding second and more remotes, prompt user to disable tag fetching to avoid fetching wrong tags
 * Fixed issue #1845: Add "pull" button on "git switch" window
 * Fixed issue #1848: TortoiseGitBlame doesn't scroll to the previously selected line on "Blame previous revision"
 * Underline git hash in log message view and jump to that commit when clicking on the hash
 * Fixed issue #1829: You have not concluded your merge (MERGE_HEAD exists) - allow to abort merge more easily.
 * Commit Dialog: Add "Pick commit hash" in message text box context menu
 * Can set log graph line width and node size
 * Updated shipped PuTTY Plink to version 0.63 (which contains some security fixes)
 * Fixed issue #1746: Pressing "Delete" on keyboard should delete selected non versioned file in commit dialog
 * Sync Dialog: Add stash menu button
 * Fixed issue #1852: Add command-line argument to tortoisegitproc that specifies value for Directory field

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1833: Fast-Forward rebase does not preserve SHA-1 of commits
 * Fixed issue #1832: TortoiseGitMerge has an empty menue when German language pack is loaded
 * Fixed issue #497: TGitCache.exe won't let user delete folder
 * Mitigated issue #1011: "git svn" commands create "sys$command" file

= Release =
Released: 2013-07-09

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #1765: Pull button when push (after commit) fails
 * Updated shipped libgit2 to version 0.19
 * Updated libgit to version 1.8.3
 * Support diff.context config key
 * Fixed issue #1778: Add Submodule with Putty key
 * Fixed issue #1800: Automatically remove "git clone " from URL in Clone dialog
 * Fixed issue #1807: Handle new descriptions of detached head introduced in git 1.8.3
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Encoding and EOL conversion
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Tab / spaces conversion and trim trailing space
 * TortoiseUDiff: Add Printing function
 * Fixed issue #553: Pull the latest version of all submodules
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Improved applying a patch with conflicts
 * Rename touch.exe as tgittouch.exe to avoid filename collision
 * Support SOCKS proxy
 * Include submodules in RepositoryBrowser

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1763: Unable to re-download TortoiseGit packages due to caching
 * Fixed issue #795: Switch/Checkout Dialog, "Switch To Version" is confusing
 * Fixed issue #722: Pull/Push sometimes does not gets the right remote branch
 * Fixed issue #1781: Sync dialog fails with "Encountered an improper argument" when closing log tab with escape
 * Fixed issue #1773: "Show changes as unified diff" on "Working dir changes" show inverted diff operation
 * Fixed issue #1753: On dialog box for SSH certificate's passphrase, some certificate filenames aren't fully displayed
 * Fixed issue #1726: Rebasing issues with empty commits
 * Fixed issue #1782: Do not reset changed lines/files statistics after toggling "Authors case sensitive" checkbox
 * Fixed issue #1783: TortoiseGit does not work on WinXP/2003 x64
 * Fixed issue #1798: "Paste Recent commits" during Please wait in Commit dialog does not work
 * Fixed issue #1106: Stairs in log view
 * Fixed issue #1304: TortoiseGit doesn't see a bare repo within a non-bare one
 * "Delete (keep local)" did not work on folders
 * Fixed issue #1756: Rebase trips over merge commits
 * Fixed possible crashes while applying a patch in TortoiseGitMerge
 * Fixed issue #1809: Overlay shows changes in parent folder if a file with a second extension exists
 * TortoiseGitMerge: Fixed bugs regarding multi-view edit
 * Fixed issue #1814: Squash rebase fills message too much
 * Reverting newly added file in Commit-dialog misbehaving
 * Fixed issue #1589: Clone Dialog's URL case sensitivity causes issues with folder creation
 * Fixed issue #1786: Committing 25 or more files causes hidden progress dialog
 * Fixed issue #1732: Tortoisegit always crashes when viewing the history log of blink
 * Fixed issue #1824: Rebase Dialog sometimes not showing after running Fetch and Rebase in Sync Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1725: 'Git Show Log' doesn't work on folders created by git-new-workdir script

= Release =
Released: 2013-05-05

== Features ==
 * Press F5 can refresh Submodule Diff Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1359: Drag support for files listed as being changed in the commit/log/modifications window
 * log list: indicate annotated tag in tag shape
 * TortoiseGitBlame: Allow to highlight lines by age of last modification
 * Fixed issue #1376: Daemon starting from Tortoise UI
 * Fixed issue #1737: Make a button to rename remote
 * Repository Browser: Allow to copy tree / blob hashes to clipboard
 * Added sound support for indicating warnings and errors
 * Fixed issue #1755: Add "Remove All" and "Ignore All" options in Remove from Index Prompt
 * Fixed issue #1747: Add interface to log window to view range log

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1729: crash when commit
 * Fixed issue #1728: TortoiseGitMerge show fake difference in the same lines if line end falls to 0x40000 byte
 * Fixed issue #1741: Push / Pull Dialog URL combo box should not be filled unless enabled
 * Fixed issue #1735: diff-xls.vbs not found
 * Fixed issue #1750: Repository Browser fails for empty repository
 * Fixed issue #1743: Remove "The target folder is not empty!" warning
 * Fixed issue #1757: Compare single new file against working tree
 * Fixed issue #1760: Unified diff of two revisions is inversed
 * Fixed various possible crashes

= Release =
Released: 2013-03-26

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #1270: Log dialog can revert selected files to parent revision
 * Fixed issue #1500: Support git merge --log option
 * Can disable log cache (, tortoisegit.index)
 * Revision Graph can save as graphviz dot language (*.gv)
 * Support merge strategies except octopus
 * Fixed issue #1597: Reduce chance of committing old submodule revision on cherry-pick / rebase conflicts
 * Can specify specific paths of submodules to update
 * Fixed issue #1661: TortoiseGitBlame: show line date time
 * Fixed issue #1662: skip-worktree should not be exposed via context menus or anything without confirmation
 * Fixed issue #330: Implement --author option gui interface in the commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #1147: Ability to filter out branches in Log dialog
 * Fixed issue #1628: Support commit ranges in log list (from Reference Browser)
 * Fixed issue #832: Compare commits between branches (branch1...branch2, from Reference Browser)
 * Fixed issue #515: Sort the log window by date
 * Fixed issue #1676: Automatically check "Make it Bare" when repository path ends in ".git"
 * Fixed issue #1677: Clicking "revert" on a file should automatically check the file in the revert dialog
 * Fixed issue #1667: Ability to ignore a folder in commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #1674: Option "Push all branches" leaves out tags on pushed changes
 * Fixed issue #1663: F5 does not refresh the revision graph
 * Fixed issue #522: Store password for HTTP
 * Fixed issue #1660: Save Push Dialog "Push all branches" and "Use Thin Pack" options
 * Fixed issue #1542: Can send pull request email
 * Fixed issue #1493: Remember Push Dialog "Push to all remotes" option state
 * Enhanced Windows 7 taskbar grouping and highlighting of windows belonging to the same working tree
 * .mailmap is now used for Log-Dialog Statistics
 * Fixed issue #1610: Average values on statistics dialog graph
 * Fixed issue #1708: Merge dialog have no saving of log message
 * Fixed issue #1716: TortoiseGitBlame added line parameter
 * Allow to set a default value for ssh client in HKLM (Software\TortoiseGit\SSH)

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1642: Incorrect behavior if repo is located on root of drive
 * Fixed issue #1643: TortoiseGitMerge window do not maximize correctly on screeen with right-side docked start bar
 * Fixed issue #1639: Does not work on older CPU without SSE2
 * Fixed issue #1682: Rebase ignores commits after an error is received
 * Fixed issue #1429: Blame: copy sha to clipboard copies the log message
 * Fixed issue #1654: Git blame commit message tooltip flashes when tooltip window is tall
 * Fixed issue #1658: Checkbox 'add "cherry picked from"' has wrong anchor
 * Fixed issue #1657: Dirty submodule commit does not open the underling submodule commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #1552: TGitCache prevents a git clone from performing successfully
 * Fixed issue #1631: Set focus to branch menu in Switch/Checkout window
 * Fixed issue #1646: TortoiseGit Log gives undeterministic results (log does not apply --boundary any more by default)
 * Fixed issue #1085: Small commit with lots of unversioned and not ignored files takes very long
 * Fixed issue #1675: delete/ignore does not delete folder from repo when local copy is kept
 * Fixed issue #1679: Reset dialog pick another revision has no effect
 * Fixed issue #1609: remember my remote branch choice precisely
 * Fixed issue #1268: Paths in Windows Explorer changed to all lower case
 * Fixed issue #1681: High screen DPI breaks TortoiseGitMerge's ribbon UI sprites
 * Fixed issue #1685: Deleting remote branch blocks UI
 * Fixed issue #1686: Wrong stash list after "Stash Apply" in RefLog
 * Fixed issue #1689: Option to make Git Commit GUI look different from TortoiseSVN equivalent
 * Fixed issue #1693: Cherry pick progress bar doesn't stay green
 * Fixed issue #1276: Cannot show diff of renamed file
 * Fixed issue #1696: Fetch from switch dialog does not refresh branches list
 * Fixed issue #1701: Changing commit order in rebase dialog doesn't auto scroll
 * Fixed issue #1702: Original commit message is showen even though it is changed during rebase
 * Fixed issue #1223: Workaround endless waiting when git.exe already exited
 * Fixed issue #1709: Right click -> assume unchanged is irreversible
 * Fixed issue #1713: Pre-populate commit message on squash merges
 * Fixed issue #1566: Frequent crashes when searching log

= Release =
Released: 2013-02-07

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #1623: Search by email in Log window
 * Fixed issue #1624: Easier navigation in revision graph with mouse

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1611: Changing Search criteria with empty search field refreshes log content
 * Fixed issue #1620: Apply Patch serial can't open file dialog on WinXP
 * Fixed issue #1533: Could not parse git.exe version number
 * Fixed issue #1619: TortoiseGitMerge: Ribbon UI/toolbars can be toggled
 * Fixed issue #1627: TortoiseGit gets the wrong revision if the branch name looks like git-describe format
 * Fixed issue #1617: TortoiseGitPlink does not work with interactive ssh logins
 * Fixed issue #1384: Commit Dialog autocompletion does not work for some pattern

= Release =
Released: 2013-01-27

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #1377: Log Dialog Working dir changes should include untracked files
 * Fixed issue #1541: Show progress dialog when running git request-pull
 * Fixed issue #1513: Easier to clean TortoiseGit temporary files
 * Fixed issue #1540: Add jump to previous / next commit in Log Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1529: Can show and set tagopt
 * Fixed issue #1554: Unwanted text formatting in commit dialogue (styling can be disabled using advanced settings now)
 * Fixed issue #1563: Show repository dir on Settings Dialog title bar
 * Fixed issue #1577: Add a retry button on Reset failure
 * Fixed issue #1571: Warn author not set when editing notes
 * Fixed issue #221: After resolving all merge conflicts, it's not obvious the project needs a commit
 * Fixed issue #1568: Add support for recurse-submodules on push dialog
 * Fixed issue #1578: Warn author not set when merging
 * Fixed issue #1557: Submodule Diff Dialog should launch diff with working copy if the submodule is dirty
 * Fixed issue #1066: Add 'Revision Graph' Feature
 * Fixed issue #1435: EXE Name collision with TortoiseSVN
   - TortoiseIDiff.exe to TortoiseGitIDiff.exe
   - TortoiseMerge.exe to TortoiseGitMerge.exe
   - TortoiseProc.exe to TortoiseGitProc.exe
   - TortoisePlink.exe to TortoiseGitPlink.exe (TortoisePlink.exe is still shipped for compatibility reasons)
   - TortoiseUDiff.exe to TortoiseGitUDiff.exe
 * Fixed issue #1433: Can reset to remote tracking branch after fetch
 * Fixed issue #763: "Clean up" should show a list of to-be-deleted files
 * Fixed issue #1581: Show/Hide tags in the log
 * Synced TortoiseGitMerge code with TortoiseMerge of TortoiseSVN code (trunk)
 * Log Dialog specially highlights branches that have a remote tracking branch
 * Added search mechanism to reflog dialog
 * Add No fetch, Merge and Rebase options in Submodule Update Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1467: put remote branches at the bottom in "branches" dropdowns (can be disabled using advanced settings)
 * Fixed issue #1285: Show Log Filter on Tags
 * Uncheck "Track" checkbox when creating a branch with different name to remote branch
 * Add button to push notes in Sync Dialog

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1535: Unclear UI in prompt dialog of Stash Save
 * Fixed issue #1538: Deleting multiple stash list entries skips some and delete the wrong ones
 * Fixed issue #1543: TortoiseGit Comboboxes trim input if longer than their width
 * Fixed issue #1544: TortoiseGit Init warning message is not appropriate
 * Fixed issue #1555: Commit dialog fails to warn submodule dirty state
 * Fixed issue #1556: Narrower treeview when launching Settings Dialog with default page Remote
 * Fixed issue #1383: Pageant is not always auto-loaded if using sync remote update (some without keys)
 * Fixed issue #1536: Committing via log causes hidden progress dialog
 * Fixed issue #1593: Sync dialog In ChangeList shows wrong diff when pressing enter

= Release =
Released: 2012-11-20

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #1436: Clone Dialog add --branch and --no-checkout options
 * Fixed issue #1450: Option to fetch when adding a remote
 * Fixed issue #1411: Commit dialog checks submodule dirty state
 * Fixed issue #1485: Implement a Goto-Line dialog in TortoiseMerge
 * Upgraded gitdll and libgit to 1.8.0
 * Fixed issue #1461: Add progress indicator for stash operations
 * Fixed issue #1484: Settings dialog default to Git page
 * Fixed issue #1505: Tell user that author not set in Rebase Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1503: Passing full file paths and revisions into diff viewer
 * Fixed issue #1518: Add "Export selection to" menu item in Log Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1497: Systemwide gitconfig may require UAC elevation when editing
 * Fixed issue #1512: In Rebase Dialog, ask user to retry after failed "git checkout" and "git reset"
 * Fixed issue #1330: Preparing for git 1.7.12 new config file location
 * Fixed issue #1515: Allow Changed Files Dialog to revert selected files
 * Fixed issue #1458: Shell context menu shows "Commit submodule" if the selected folder is submodule root
 * Fixed issue #1211, issue #1472: Commit dialog can amend message only without affecting any files
 * Fixed issue #1200: Ignored folders can be destroyed by "git stash -u"
 * Fixed issue #1508: Indicate change type in Submodule Diff Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1527: Rebase Dialog shows Log menu button after rebasing if not launched from log dialog
 * Fixed issue #1252: wrap commit logs per git conventions (set tgit.logwidthmarker using git-config)
 * Added basic support for localized spellcheckers in commit dialog (see help file, keyword "spellchecker")
 * Fixed issue #1531: Clean up should show progress dialog

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1427: Combine to one commit: Commit-window doesn't show changes from oldest commit
 * Fixed issue #1443: git svn dcommit: unclear behavior for dirty working tree
 * Fixed issue #1457: Confusing amend commit behaviour
 * Fixed issue #1466: Checkout Dialog always track remote branches
 * Fixed issue #1396: Sync Dialog Pull show wrong commit range in "In commits"
 * Fixed issue #1465: Clean up does not work with core.quotepath=true
 * Fixed issue #1419: Push window doesn't load PuTTY key when pushing to multiple remotes
 * Fixed issue #1482: Allow to show log of other branches if current HEAD points to an orphan branch
 * Fixed issue #1487: Do not use libgit in TortoiseShell for displaying HEAD commit (might set %GIT_DIR% permanently)
 * Fixed issue #1475: Installer resets your SSH preference to ssh.exe when run silently
 * Fixed issue #1470: Log Dialog: Selected item not remembered after refresh if item is one of the first 100
 * Fixed issue #1499: Allow to show log if current HEAD and selected ref is orphan branch when show all branches checked
 * Fixed issue #1507: Submodule Diff Dialog should show dirty state only on working copy revision
 * Fixed issue #1511: Changed Files Dialog cannot show icons as folder for submodule
 * Fixed issue #1516: SVN clone strips trailing slashes
 * Fixed issue #1486: Rebase/Cherry-pick Dialog conflict list fail to refresh the status of resolved deleted file
 * Fixed issue #1521: Directories with period at beginning are recognized as file extensions showing *.dir
 * Fixed issue #1519: Quotes in notes break Merge command
 * Fixed issue #1524: Log dialog failed to view revision in alternative editor of the same file more than once
 * Fixed issue #1459: Refreshing Log Dialog may freeze up to 20 seconds
 * Fixed issue #1523: Bugtraq Number is checked for number only (inconsistent default value)

= Release =
Released: 2012-10-14

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #1424: Better Indicate submodule diff error
 * Fixed issue #1425: Indicate dirty state in Submodule Diff Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1430: Diff: allow multiple files unified diff
 * Fixed issue #1453: Allow Log List to copy multiple SHA-1 hashes
 * Fixed issue #1454: Show git progress time spent and end time in Progress Dialog and Sync Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1434: Easier to copy to file text to clipboard in TortoiseGitBlame

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1426: Pull Dialog: Unknown option 'no-ff' when using no-tags
 * Fixed issue #1423: Update Dialog downloads the wrong language pack
 * Fixed issue #1439: In Show log, long messages don't have the triple dots appended, when a Tag/Branch lable is visible
 * Fixed issue #1444: Cannot launch settings dialog from shell context menu when selecting a file
 * Fixed issue #1265: MSVC crashing unloading TortoiseGit32.dll (faulting module TortoiseGit32.dll_unloaded)
 * Fixed issue #772: Rebase may take extremely long time to open window

= Release =
Released: 2012-09-30

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #1224: Still can't delete a remote tag
 * Fixed issue #366: Log - multiline search
 * Fixed issue #696: Allow specifying execute bit
 * Fixed issue #1335: Available the branch edit description
 * Fixed issue #494: Implement a commit button in the sync dialog
 * Fixed issue #1333: Added support for "update-index --skip-worktree"
 * Fixed issue #1350: Commit Dialog set focus to message editor after clicking amend checkbox
 * Fixed issue #811: Log the history of a submodule not its contents
 * Fixed issue #1344: Log list add copy to clipboard only with commit message
 * Fixed issue #1336: Have visible the name of the branch in Repository Browser
 * Fixed issue #1351: Add Hotkey to (de)select all files and commit
 * Fixed issue #1363: copy email in the log window
 * Fixed issue #1373: The only available remote should be set on PUSH
 * Fixed issue #1216: Revamp update dialog
 * Fixed issue #1381: Sync Dialog log message add colored "success" or "git did not exit cleanly" at the end
 * Fixed issue #1372: Support git pull --no-tags

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1062: Log window should refresh automatically after reset --hard
 * Fixed issue #641: Failure trying to revert a "merge"
 * Fixed issue #1338: Assume Unchanged and Executable Bit checkboxes not show in TortoiseShell tab page on x86
 * Fixed issue #1341: Overlays missing in TotalCommander (x86) with TGitCache on x64
 * Fixed issue #1355: Added files are no-longer auto-checked for commit
 * Fixed issue #1356: File ignoring works not well with unicode filenames
 * Fixed issue #1354: Remote archive in push dialog not remembered, even if selected
 * Fixed issue #1358: Sync Dialog Pull cannot show updated ref labels in "In commits"
 * Disabled Direct2D by default for textboxes (in Commit Dialog, Patch Viewer, TortoiseGitBlame and TortoiseUDiff).
 * Fixed issue #1362: Merge Dialog cannot automatically select the annotated tag
 * Fixed issue #1357: Cannot add file in submodule
 * Fixed issue #1343: should not set SCI_SETFONTQUALITY to SC_EFF_QUALITY_LCD_OPTIMIZED which bypasses user preference
 * Fixed issue #1361: git push: Entered source ref is ambiguous
 * Fixed issue #1076: Error trying to delete remote branch named 1.0.0
 * Fixed issue #1375: Wrong default action on dialog to delete references
 * Fixed issue #1378: Ignoring a file into info/exclude with separate .git directory failed
 * Fixed issue #1371: Log window does not always remember column order correctly
 * Fixed issue #1380: When choosing Pull Remote Branch using Browse Reference the remote branch name won't get updated
 * Fixed issue #1287: Setting Remote URL not translated to '/' when clicking Apply or OK
 * Fixed issue #1382: Log messages with PGP signatures showing badly
 * Fixed issue #1394: Submodule Diff Dialog cannot jump to a commit that not belongs to current branch
 * Fixed issue #1387: Submodule Diff Dialog might display wrong submodule revision
 * Fixed issue #1390: TortoiseMerge cannot diff files after calling Export in Log Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1395: Problem restoring from earlier commit for file in a subdirectory
 * Fixed issue #1392: Window with rebase results is non-manageable via keyboard (no focus, can't press Done)
 * Fixed issue #1405: Cannot show branch description in Browse Reference Dialog with separate .git directory
 * Fixed issue #1406: Commit dialog cannot check MERGE_HEAD with separate .git directory
 * Fixed issue #861: TGitCache gets confused about file status (should detect touched file as unmodified)
   TGitCache only checked timestamps of files in order to get their state since 1.7.0.
   This fix makes TortoiseGit check the content of the files.
   If you want to restore the old behavior, you can disable checking the contents via
   the Settings dialog -> Advanced and set TGitCacheCheckContent to "false".
 * Fixed issue #1300: TortoiseProc LogDialog might crash if tortoisegit.index or is broken
 * Fixed issue #1413: Submodule Diff Dialog: show log button should be right-aligned
 * Fixed issue #1418: Submodule Diff Dialog labels disappeared

= Release =
Released: 2012-08-10

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #238: submodule update should be recursive
 * Fixed issue #1234: Abbreviate renamings in the Log dialog as in the Commit Progress dialog
 * Fixed issue #822: allow push to all remotes defined by checking a mark
 * Fixed issue #1192: fetch --all via dialog
 * Allow users to store pushremote and pushbranch on push dialog for local branches
 * Fixed issue #1205: Add "Last modified" column to commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #1295: Browse Ref Dialog ref name order consider numbers in string
 * Added unicode big-endian text file support to TortoiseMerge and TortoiseGitBlame
 * Fixed issue #277: Add the ability to run the 'assume-unchanged' command
 * Fixed issue #626: add "show log" in Git Sync dialog
 * Fixed issue #884: Blame dialog Commit Info doesn't allow copy-paste
 * Fixed issue #1165: sort UI items alphabetically

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #913: Merge does not cope with ambiguous tag and branch names
 * Fixed issue #1266: gitdll can cause stack overflow because of endless recursion in mark_parents_uninteresting (revision.c)
   Upgraded gitdll and libgit to
 * Fixed issue #1267: Tortoisegit adding gitignore backslash instead of slash
 * Fixed issue #1260: TortoiseGit crashes if index is broken
 * Fixed issue #1280: TortoiseProc might crash after displaying libgit error
 * Fixed issue #1235: TortoiseGIT commit dialog freezes if index.lock file already exists
 * Fixed issue #1283: TortoiseProc might crash after LogDialog is closed
 * Fixed issue #1282: gitdll.dll might crash if a pack file is closed which is still in use
 * Fixed issue #1290: When pushing, 'remote' should default to the tracked archive, or empty
 * Optimized remembering of checked/unchecked files on the commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #767: Default column widths in log commit file list are off
 * Fixed issue #1294: TortoiseGit might crash on concurrent access on CGitHeadFileList
 * Fixed issue #1279: Nothing seen in Repository Browser without config core.bare=false
 * Fixed issue #1296: Closing log dialog might cause crash
 * Fixed issue #1255: Adding non-versioned files from the commit dialog does not always work
 * Fixed issue #620: Unmodified files appear in the Modified File list while committing
 * Fixed issue #774: Revert does not work for submodules
 * Fixed issue #1303: Past Recent Message command in commit dialog doesn't work
 * Fixed issue #1311: Open With is broken
 * Fixed issue #898: Committed everything even though I only selected one file
 * Fixed issue #693: Ignoring *.[mime] in the commit window doesn't refresh file list
 * Fixed issue #1318: Higher dir combox box in format patch dialog
 * Fixed issue #830: Renaming file with differences only in casing doesn't work
   Added basic support only: the overlay status might be wrong (file shown as clean or modified instead of added)
 * Fixed issue #867: Add should not run a new Git process for each file

= Release =
Released: 2012-07-07

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1256: TortoiseProc crashes on composing invalid ref error message
 * Fixed issue #1254: Adding file extensions to root .gitignore
 * Fixed issue #1261: gitdll.dll can crash if an already closed handle is closed again
 * Fixed issue #1257: HOME environment variable is not set up correctly on x86
 * Fixed issue #1262: TortoiseProc might crash if git.exe version is not parseable
 * Fixed issue #1264: TortoiseProc might crash if commands are executed w/o a working tree directory

= Release =
Released: 2012-07-02

== Features ==
 * Push Dialog: Allow to enter SHA-1 or more complex refs as source ref
 * Fixed issue #746: Make tortoisegit more gerrit friendly
 * Optimized TGitCache overlay calculation (deleted but kept files are now displayed as such)
 * Fixed issue #1067: Add clear button into "stash list"
 * Fixed issue #1230: Filter/Search for Branches in Reference Browser
 * Fixed issue #1228: Ignore by mask work recursively
 * Fixed issue #1086: Partial commit resets "Added" status on files omitted from checkin
 * Fixed issue #1250: Sync Dialog should reload remote combo box after clicking "Manage"
 * Fixed issue #462: Implement 'All' and 'None' opportunities in the Set Extended menu settings dialog
 * TortoiseGit 1.7.11 comes with a new crash handler ( and lots of crash fixes (found using crash reports in our preview releases)

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1213: cannot diff renamed files with Revision Diff Dialog
 * Fixed issue #1215: Branch name in the right click menu (for commit) does not support utf-8
 * Fixed issue #652: "Clean up" should use recycle bin
 * Fixed issue #1166: Unreadable error message in TortoiseMerge
 * Fixed issue #665: Problem with temporary file creation
 * Fixed issue #1221: Log Dialog revert files shows wrong number of files in message
 * Fixed issue #1207: TortoiseGit 1.7.10 crashes directly when trying to start
 * Fixed issue #1226: Show log crash when path contain some unicode symbols
 * Fixed issue #1229: Progress Window Gains Focus on Command Completion
 * Fixed issue #1231: incorrect behavior of squash in rebase/cherry pick
 * Fixed issue #1233: Could not go to annotated tag
 * Fixed issue #947: The "Git check for modifications" form does not remember the setting for "Show unversioned files"
 * Fixed issue #1093: Directory incorrectly shown as changed (overlay icon)

= Release =
Released: 2012-06-03

== Features ==
 * Updated shipped zlib library to version 1.2.7
 * Synced TortoiseIDiff with TortoiseSVN
 * Synced TortoiseUDiff with TortoiseSVN
 * Fixed issue #1150: Add support for ANSI Color Codes in log Outputs
 * Fixed issue #969: Support for localization (you can download/create language packs for TortoiseGit, see
 * Added Repository Browser
 * Updated shipped libgit2 to version 0.17.0
 * Fixed issue #1169: Show Branch for Commits
 * Fixed issue #337: TortoiseGit Log doesn't apply --follow (added basic support for --follow)

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1162: Sync dialog should use same font as progress dialog (use log font for both)
 * Fixed issue #1174: Clone Dialog incorrectly extracts name from URL that contains ".git" in the middle
 * Fixed issue #1184: diff of "Working dir changes" uses incorrect line endings (AutoCrLf=true)
 * Fixed issue #1193: Not properly handling submodule meta information (.git-file contains relative path)
 * Fixed issue #1167: TGitCache.exe crashes under Win7/64bit
 * Fixed issue #1195: Problems with tags containing non-ascii chars
 * Fixed issue #1185: In TortoiseGit log dialog info text, diff dialog and TortoiseGitBlame, git shows 7 chars of the hash by default (as git does)
 * Fixed issue #1197: Create branch: Alt+S doesn't mark "Switch to new branch"
 * Fixed issue #1152: Log-Dialog constantly crashes when diffing a file while loading
 * Fixed issue #719: TortoiseGit is ignoring Global excludesfile for overlays
 * Fixed issue #1199: TortoiseGitBlame shows wrong revision history
 * Fixed issue #1157: Custom screen DPI causes wrong text size calculation

= Release =
Released: 2012-05-05

== Features ==
 * Allow to fetch from log dialog
 * Fixed issue #1058: Allow to create tag after commit
 * Fixed issue #101: UTF-8 support
   This makes TortoiseGit msysgit 1.7.10 compatible. If you have non-ascii chars in filenames in your repository you should consider rewriting your history
 * Added "prune/cleanup stale remote tracking branches" option to sync dialog

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1123: Apply patch serial does not correctly add patches to list if >3 patches are selected
 * Fixed issue #1061: Environment variables ignored: GIT_AUTHOR_NAME and GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL
 * Fixed issue #1028: overlays with separate-git-dir (e.g. .git\modules\... for submodules) not working
 * Fixed issue #1131: "Whole project" checkbox in commit dialog selects all files
 * Fixed issue #1065: Explorer crashes when rendering a file conflict icon
 * Fixed issue #1027: When post-receive hook contains more than 1 echo bash command, only the LAST echo is displayed in dialog
 * Fixed issue #1136: Proxy password with @ symbol not parsed/saved correctly
 * Fixed issue #1135: branch name does not get updated in show log
 * Fixed issue #153: Empty error messagebox when starting rebase dialog
 * Fixed issue #1140: Settings page does not inherit msysgit system-wide config
 * Fixed issue #1146: Add hotkey for option "All Branches" in log dialog
 * Fixed issue #1141: Sync dialog local branch combo box too short
 * Fixed issue #1130: Sync dialog forgets the remote branch every time
 * Fixed issue #1144: Cancel button on commit dialog works very slow
 * Fixed issue #1155: TortoiseGit SVN rebase finish dialog produces very big dialog box

= Release =
Released: 2012-04-01

== Features ==
 * Updated shipped zlib library to version 1.2.6
 * Updated shipped apr library to version 1.4.6
 * Updated shipped libgit2 to version 0.16.0
 * When deleting remote branch on log dialog one can also delete branch in remote repository now.
 * Fixed issue #1103: cherrypick option to indicate original commit
 * Fixed issue #1094: Support filter command line options for log
 * Fixed issue #435 and issue #1102: Feature: "Save as patch" from Diff window

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #1085: Small commit with lots of unversioned and not ignored files takes very long
 * Fixed issue #1098: 'In ChangeList' is cleared when you click a table header
 * Fixed issue #1073: Correct default name in Switch/Checkout dialog
 * Fixed issue #1110: Tracking branches when you don't want to/incorrectly
 * Fixed issue #1115: Detached HEAD message has no cancel/abort option
 * Fixed issue #1112: Rebase corrupt commit message (ignores windows codepage and converts everything to utf-8)
 * Fixed issue #985: Correctly store status for view patch in commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #1116: Make remote branch in pull dialog default to the current branch (or remote tracking branch)
 * Fixed issue #1060: tgit rebase process can get stuck
 * Fixed issue #1107: Wrong font used in MessageBoxes on Windows XP
 * Fixed issue #1105: Wrong status for missing files
 * Fixed some TortoiseMerge patch apply issues (includes issue #1117)
 * Fixed issue #718: When pulling it should be possible to directly open the modifications window for editing conflicts
 * Fixed issue #982: TortoiseGit messes up TortoiseSVN and TortoiseCVS menu icons on WinXP
 * Fixed issue #1118: Exporting from Changed Files dialog stops on checkout failure
 * Fixed issue #1108: Allow users to disable the "show unversioned files" messagebox in commit dialog

== Known Issue ==
 * separate-git-dir .git-directories do not work for overlays

= Release =
Released: 2012-02-09

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #758: Make the log of a bare repository available
 * Fixed issue #880: Allow sync / fetch / push on bare repository
 * Fixed issue #818: SafeCRLF = warn should be available
 * Fixed issue #855: moved up Git page in settings dialog
 * Fixed issue #999: Added "Diff submodule" dialog
 * Fixed issue #1019: better indicate errors to user on progress dialog
 * Added "Show Log before rename/copy" on log dialog file list
 * Added basic support for separate-git-dir (Overlays are not working yet)
 * Fixed issue #1042: Allow to delete branch after successful merge
 * Fixed issue #1040: Commit to new branch
 * Fixed issue #1043: Add 'Stash' to 'Working dir changes' context menu in log dialog
 * Added support for Windows 7 libraries
 * Fixed issue #222: support partially committing a file

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Updated shipped PuTTY binaries to version 0.62
 * Fixed issue #1000: Git commit doesn't work
 * Fixed issue #587: Log entries with tag/branch/head marker don't highlight correctly
 * Fixed issue #1004: git svn fetch/rebase/clone return an error for ssh authorization
 * Reenabled --topo-order for log. Users who do not want this, can disable it on settings dialog
 * Fixed issue #1024: commit freezes after click on ok with a lot of files
 * Fixed issue #1026: Cannot configure (and autoload) putty key for submodules with new mSysGit.
 * Fixed issue #849: Searching in log breaks graph/branch-line
 * Fixed issue #1030: Does not close handle after export to zip
 * Fixed issue #1025: branch is not recognized correctly with separate-git-dir
 * Fixed issue #1022: Cannot add files to submodules with-separate-git-dir
 * Fixed issue #1008: Bug Id not displayed in Log Messages (multiline comment)
 * Fixed issue #1020: Incorrect Overlays on large repos (> 2 GiB), upgraded libgit2
 * Fixed issue #607 and issue #1005: Tortoisegit overlay icons are not correctly shown for new create local repo
 * Fixed issue #1051: Adding files using the add files dialog doesn't normalize line endings
 * Fixed issue #582, issue #956, issue #960, issue #973, issue #980, issue #959 and issue #1016: 100% CPU, icons blinking and refreshing bugs in TGitCache
 * Fixed issue #1044: Add file to index with special character (ei – "dash") or accent fail without any message

== Known Issue ==
 * separate-git-dir .git-directories do not work for overlays

= Release =
Released: 2011-12-10

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #972: Add "fast forward only" checkbox in pull dialog
 * Fixed issue #976: Compare Revisions should inherit path filter
 * Fixed issue #869: TortoiseProc CloneCommand is ignoring "url" command line parameter
 * Fixed issue #820: Missing menu item for "git svn fetch"
 * Fixed issue #792: Fetch progress window should have a "Log" button
 * Fixed issue #451: rebase (maybe be for any conflicts) select multiple files to mark
 * Fixed issue #894: Make images "open with" TortoiseIDiff
 * Fixed issue #985: Store status for view patch in commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #977: Fetch does not have an option to fetch tags
 * Fixed issue #801: Be able to enter a custom stash message
 * Fixed issue #933: implement git stash --include-untracked
 * Fixed issue #987: Add Stash save/pop to "Working Dir Changes" dialog
 * Fixed issue #988: Stash pop/apply fail should have a button for viewing conflicts
 * Fixed issue #676: Add remove remote tag ability
 * Fixed issue #678: TortoiseGitBlame log incomplete (integrated --follow into TortoiseGitBlame)

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #747: TortoiseProc & less process not closing
 * Fixed issue #808: Less: file viewer stop work when use show-low
 * Fixed issue #931, issue #934 and issue #948: TortoiseProc crashes when repo contains huge files (on x86)
   Upgraded gitdll, libgit and tgit.exe to
 * Fixed issue #936: Applying a stash from the list fails
 * Fixed issue #962: git_init in gitdll.c uses USERPROFILE for creating home
 * Fixed issue #964: Can't mark conflict as resolved
 * Fixed issue #867: Add should not run a new Git process for each file
 * Fixed issue #981: After Aborting a Rebase a different Commit is checked out
 * Fixed issue #670: Cannot delete/apply individual stash entries
 * Fixed issue #863: Commit and revert gets stuck on repositories with mixed line-endings
 * Fixed issue #378: CRLF/LF conversion causes commit dialog to freeze
 * Fixed issue #858: Tortoise Git Client crash when showing the log dialog
 * Fixed issue #920: TortoiseGitBlame and UTF-16 LE
 * updated documentation
 * Fixed issue #994: Git clone from SVN - Depth field is useless
 * Fixed issue #996: Compare with Working Copy error on renamed files

= Release =
Released: 2011-11-09

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #260: Added support for bisect
 * Fixed issue #916: Fixed wrong contextmenu icon display position with installed TSVN 1.7
 * Add new command to diff two selected files in the CGitStatusListCtrl.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #931: TGitCache: Missing NULL check
 * Fixed issue #935: TortoiseMerge removes newlines at file end
 * Fixed issue #931: libgit2 had problems with big pack files
 * Fixed issue #486: Resolving conflicts can result in nothing to commit and branch merge not concluded
 * Fixed issue #938: *Backlash* between user name and domain name is incorrectly replaced by *Slash*
 * Fixed issue #941: Performing diff on an unchanged file behaves like a diff with an added file
 * Fixed issue #928: Mark diff-tempfiles as read-only
 * Fixed issue #951: Alt+S conflict for sign and set date
 * Fixed issue #949: TortoiseMerge does not allow copying to the clipboard via Ctrl+Insert
 * Fixed issue #950: avoid possible crash if .git/packed-refs contains annotated tags
 * Fixed issue #915: TortoiseProc memory corruption on empty repo
 * Fixed issue #959: Overlay icons are not updated immediately

= Release =
Released: 2011-10-10

== Features ==
 * Add Show Environment variables at setting dialog to help debug user problem.
 * Allow users to be warned if there is no Signed-Off-By line in a commit message
 * Fixed issue #375: Implement --date/time option gui interface in the commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #814: Remember last selected commit/line on log filtering
 * Allow to "Update submodules" after pull or hard reset
 * Fixed issue #780: "Merge to [branch]..." should pre-select the chosen commit's branch or tag name
 * Fixed issue #459: Implement more talkative name than just 'Revert fail'

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #899: Push via Showlog  use Push with force option
 * Fixed issue #893: "Show Unified Diff" on file entry in "show log" has changes backwards
 * Fixed issue #881: "Create repository here" should warn if target directory is not empty
 * Fix wrong contextmenu icon display position when install TSVN 1.7 on WinXP
 * TGitCache: Fix sometime project root show as unversioned icon
 * Fixed issue #862 and issue #870: TGitCache: Fix sometime show "+" at tracked items
 * Upgraded libgit2 to 0.15.0
 * Fixed issue #716: Aborted clone leaves git process running
 * Fixed issue #787: Problem of setting proxy for work using HTTPS
 * Fixed issue #908: TortoiseGit crashes if .git/config-file is broken
 * Fixed issue #909: Cannot amend initial commit
 * Fixed issue #829: "Remote" combobox in "Push" window updates only after losing focus
 * Fixed issue #906: Add ability to add files with options -force.
 * Fixed issue #914: unifiled diff always show wrong changes (base files compare with new files)
 * Fixed issue #673: Applying a patch does not honour CRLF in files
 * Fixed issue #713: apply serial patch window need to improve
 * Fixed issue #922: Settings / Git / Config / Edit global .gitconfig uses wrong path

= Release =
Released: 2011-08-24

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #872: 32 shell extension should be made optional on x64 installation

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #833: Password with Percent (%) is not accepted
 * Fixed issue #852: Incorrect current version string in Check For Updates dialog on x86
 * Fixed issue #850: 32bit application can't show icon overlay at 64bit system.
 * Fixed issue #864: Show log crashes when commit with "encoding" in comment exists
 * Fixed issue #851: Windows Explorer Shell Crashed when empty repository
 * Fixed open handles in TGitCache
   Fixed issue #497, issue #623 and issue #892: TortoiseGit locks repository folders so that the user can't delete them
 * Fixed issue #870: Wrong overlay icons
 * Fixed issue #793: Context menu for files does not contain "Add to ignore list"
 * Fixed issue #860: Commit file moves does not properly remove the source file
 * Fixed issue #386: Commit dialog does not preserve selection when toggling "Whole project"

= Release =
Released: 2011-08-08

== Features ==
 * Added shortcuts to the Windows 7 taskbar jumplist
 * Allow to clone recursively
 * Fixed issue #841: Pull dialog should have "no fast-forward" option like the merge dialog

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed blame crash at XP system.
 * Upgraded TortoisePlink to TortoiseSVN rev. 21694, fixes a bug with shipped Pageant under x64
 * Updated shipped apr library to version 1.4.5
 * Updated shipped apr-util library to version 1.3.12
 * Updated shipped zlib library to version 1.2.5
 * Fixed issue #783: Git Command Progress window should close with Escape
 * Fixed issue #499: Git Command Progress window does not close from X-closebutton
 * Fixed issue #844: Git Command Progress window, "Writing Objects" , progress info refresh with glitches.

= Release =
Released: 2011-07-29 (internal release)

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #828: disable the commit button if there's no comment entered

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #796: plz add code page name "cp949"
 * Fixed issue #795: Switch/Checkout Dialog, "Switch To Version" is confusing
 * Fixed issue #757: TortoiseGit Blame not working from working dir with autocrlf-enabled.
 * Fixed issue #691: 64-bit version should include the 32-bit shell extension too
 * Updated shipped PuTTY binaries to version 0.61
 * Updated shipped notepad2 binaries to version 4.2.25 and added x64 version
 * Updated shipped TortoiseOverlay to version
 * Fix crash for init repository
 * Fixed issue #799: Explore crash with empty directory
 * Fixed issue #816: Output in Git Command Progress is broken

= Release =
Released: 2011-05-11

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #724: BrowseRefs: Made branch renaming possible.
 * Use fetch-dialog for "Fetch" in BrowseRefs
 * Allow to edit user signingkey in TortoiseGit->Settings->GitConfig
 * Allow to sign tags (requires GPG and a key without passphrase)
 * Allow to enter CC recipients with MAPI
 * Do not add Signed-off-by if already included
 * Do not add another empty line if there are already some Reviewed-by or Signed-off-by lines at the end of the commit message on signing.
 * Allow to start push dialog from log
 * Show changes to revision before the last commit on amend and perform actions relatively to this revision (old behavior is still possible)
 * Remember (de)selected files in "Commit dialog" after refreshing or ordering the list
 * Fixed issue #745: Added checkbox to commit dialog to disable autoselection of submodules
 * Show status on taskbar button on Windows 7
 * Allow to add a "Signed-Off-By" line to patches on applying
 * Fixed issue #781: Allow to push all branches at once
 * Fixed issue #784: Rebase window should allow easier selection of Pick/Squash/Edit/Skip (keys: space: shifts the state, s: skip, e: edit, p: pick, q: squash)
 * Fixed issue #785: Rebase window should list the contents of a commit just like Log window does
 * Fixed issue #768: Display modified files in "Reset" dialog

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed tab indices (activation order)
 * Fixed missing putty-key for deleting a remote branch
 * Fixed issue #728: Shell "Diff With Previous" doesn't work when there are more than 2 revisions for that file and diff working copy to HEAD~1
 * Fixed 32/64-bit MAPI inconsistency-issues
 * Do not include patch in mail if user selected attachment
 * Fix attaching of patches to mails with some MAPI clients
 * Fixed sending patches combined in one mail w/o attachments (files were always attached)
 * Make change setting "hide TGit menu" work
 * Fixed issue #729: SVN DCommitt incorrectly executes with --rmdir
 * Fixed issue #732: Synch-dialog layout broken
 * Fixed issue #734: git not found: Fixed possible problems with folders containing spaces
 * Fixed issue #735: Log generates file stats from shown parent instead of actual parent
 * Do not show "Diff with previous" for added files
 * Fixed issue #737: Diffing of added files does not work with Shell
 * Fixed issue #738: Lost the commit id on file name when use a external diff tool
 * Fixed issue #714: add "FETCH_HEAD" to reference drop down list
 * Fixed issue #548:  tortoisegit use incorrect case sensitive comparison
 * Fixed issue #727: /CloseOnEnd not working for commit
 * Fixed issue #754: Allow to show log for files in "Changes files" dialog
 * Fixed issue #749: Ask before delete files.
 * Fixed issue #125: Export files from revision or range of revisions in "Changes files" dialog.
 * Fixed issue #512: Git sync lose local commits (remote update, fetch and rebase)
 * Fixed issue #766: "Switch/Checkout" dialog: "Track" should be disabled when no new branch is created
 * Fixed issue #765: "Check for Updates" in about box doesn't work
 * Fixed issue #731: Git Command Progress Window text box doesn't have a context menu.
 * Rebase failed at revision with empty commit message.
 * Fixed sorting of columns of file lists (e.g. commit dialog).
 * Fixed issue #757: TortoiseGit Blame not working from working dir.
 * Fixed layout issues with Windows 7 Aero
 * TortoiseProc.exe sometimes didn't exit correctly after closing the log dialog
 * Fixed issue #761: Settings should correctly deal with backslashes (windows path separators) in entered remote URLs
 * Patch Viewer might display no horizontal scrollbar
 * Fixed issue #779: Show correct text in taskbar when rebasing finished.
 * Pushing required a remote-branch name
 * Fixed issue #790: Add minimize button to progress window
 * Fixed some optical issues in Rebase-Dialog
 * Fixed issue #791: /CloseOnEnd not working for switch
 * TortoiseGitCache
   Partly rewritten to fix various issues.
 * Fixed issue #415: Fix the Settings/General/Context menu/Apply operation (missing LF trimming)

= Release =
Released: 2011-02-20

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #715: Unable to show log when there are old version cache file
 * Fixed issue #611: Add "copy all information" to "Changed Files" dialog
 * Fixed new file miss when combine commits at log dialog
 * Fixed issue #720: Infinite loop at search in Show Log when there are notes

= Release =
Released: 2011-02-14

== Features ==
 * Significantly Improve Log fetch speed for big repository
   Fetch modified file list asynchronous.
   Time filter (From, to) use git built-in --max-age and --min-age.
   Text filter use git grep.
   Fixed issue #590: wasteful use of memory with very large repository
   Fixed issue #531: Git synchronization UI opened so slowly
   Fixed issue #541: show log is extremely slow
   Fixed issue #364: Log - hot key for "browse refs" dialog

 * Improve TortoisePlink 3x transfer perfomance
   Update TortoisePlink to Plink 9078

 * Implemented issue #664: Warn when committing to detached HEAD
 * The context menu can be hidden completely for unversioned items (issue 674)
 * Only show DCommit type dialog if "svn.rmdir" is unset
 * Optionally remember DCommit type setting
 * enable git status column in TortoiseShell
 * Fixed issue #644: Dropped "Check repository" button on check for modifications dialog
 * Allow to diff two revisions of a file by calling TortoiseProc
 * Fixed issue #480: Implement text copying opportunities in the dialogs
 * Allow to change EOL by pressing CTRL+Return in TortoiseMerge
 * Allow to replace (previously hardcoded) Notepad2 by any other editor
 * Optionally send/mail patches via MAPI, if a default mail client is set up
 * Fixed issue #248: Allow to reorder commits on rebase
 * Fixed issue #702: Added request-pull functionality

 * TortoiseGitBlame
   Clicking on a line automatically selects the log entry in the loglist
   Allow to diff to previous revision of a file
   Added new context menu
   Allow to toggle author column

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #669: cannot open help from clean window
 * Fixed issue #671: Help not working when choose switch dialog and dcommit dialog
 * Fixed issue #690: Superfluous line in displayed commit message
 * Do not allow to delete-ignore working copy root-directory
 * Starting TortoiseGitBlame might fail to start if folder contains spaces
 * Fixed window titles of log and statistics window
 * Fixed issue #697: /CloseOnEnd was not working, fixed for fetch&pull

 * Fixed issues with the send mail dialog
   If all three attempts failed, do not show success
   If all three attempts failed, do not go on sending more patches
   Correctly show retries
   Interpret user cancel as failure

 * TortoiseGitBlame
   Fixed issue #448: Disable personalized menu behaviour
   After blaming an older revision, TortoiseGitBlame was fixed to this.

 * Fixed issue #704: cannot open help from diff from previous, browse refs
 * Fixed issue #694: "Clean Up" executes on top level directory
 * Fixed issue #680: StatGraphDlg.cpp min-avg statistics are incorrect
 * Fixed issue #705: Fixed comparing added/deleted files on diffing whole revisions
 * Improved "Combine commits" process (prevents possible loss of data)

= Release =
Released: 2011-01-14

== Features ==
 * Improved log dialog
   Fixed issue #662: Allow to filter for paths
   Added hash column
   Show BugID when user config bugtraq.logregex

 * Improved commit dialog
   Removed useless options from the contextmenu (e.g. file operations for directories/submodules)
   allow to ignore deleted or unversioned files

 * Improved changed files dialog
   Removed useless options from the contextmenu (e.g. file operations for directories/submodules)
   Fixed issue #618: Added a commit button
   allow to ignore deleted or unversioned files

 * Rewrite patch import dialog
   Patch import dialog look like sync dialog.
   User can know which patch fail import easily.
   Show patch import progress.
   Add 3way and ignore space option.
   Fix many issues about patch import dialog (issue #252, issue #324, issue #332 and issue #430)

 * Include version information for all executables

 * Improved TortoiseBlame
   Fixed issue #490 and issue #436: Allow to blame older revisions in TortoiseGitBlame
   Removed useless options from the contextmenu (e.g. compare to working copy)
   Fixed issue #658: Added author column

 * Fixed issue #323: implement DCommit type

 * ask user if he wants to stash pop after "SVN fetch"

 * allow to override branch on switch/checkout dialog

 * allow to prune on fetch

 * allow to edit global and local .gitconfig

 * Fixed issue #655: remember previously selected features on upgrade

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #663, issue #656 and issue #77: allow to diff added or deleted files
 * Commit and changed files dialog
   Fixed possible hangs
   double-click default to open files for unversioned files
   make double-click on newly added file for diff work
 * TortoiseShell
   Fixed an assertion (when executed on ignored files)
 * Optical and smaller optimizations/fixes (missing spaces and typos, issue #654, issue #595 and issue #543)
 * Fixed issue #666: Remote names with dots (e.g., john.doe) do not show properly in fetch dialog box
 * Fixed issue #661: TProc crash when choose file and Git Sync dialog loads

= Release =
Released: 2010-12-22

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #650: Settings crashes on setting user name and email address
 * Fixed issue #648: TortoiseProc crash when cloning from a working copy repo

= Release =
Released: 2010-12-19

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #645: Context menu diff crashes/errors

= Release =
Released: 2010-12-17

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #639: Tortoise Git crashes on Settings | Git | Config dialogue
 * Fixed issue #640: Sentence is grammatically poor on Windows installer

= Release =
Released: 2010-12-08

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #220: Enhancement, support creating bare repositories

 * Improve log dialog
   Add "checkout to branch" menu at log dialog
   Show icon for sub menu at log dialog
   Show bisect flag at log dialog

 * Support multi-parent diff
   Enhance GNU Diff for merge commit by choose Parent.
   Add gnu diff combine option for merge commit
   Support compare 1st parent, 2nd parent at merge commit
   Show diff with multi parent at merge commit at log dialog
   Support multi parent compare with udiff and view diff
   Show merged file group at log dialog
   show combine udiff at merged files
   Add Three way diff for merge commit at log dialog

 * Compare multi parent at reflog log dialog

 * Add "Show log" in reflog context menu

 * Add --init in Submodule update from sync dialog

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #270: Clone fails: bash: X.X.X.X: command not found
 * Fixed issue #568: push using ssh private key with a password fails the first time
 * Fixed issue #577: Commit warning "svn:externals"
 * Fixed issue #586: Ampersand in log description underlines next character
 * Fixed issue #323: GIT SVN dcommit --rmdir
 * Fix stash list can't show stash at reflog default
 * Fixed issue #603: Columns not sorted in Compare revisions dialog box
 * Fixed issue #598: Background color of log messages changed when mouse is over tag or branch indicator
 * Fixed issue #616: Problem encoding Cyrillic characters in Author name
 * Fixed issue #612: "Copy all information to clipboard" copies incorrect header
 * Fixed issue #602: Rebase shows overlapping branches
 * Fixed issue #542: Difference between line endings in compared files (external Diff Viewer)
 * Fixed issue #468: Non-ASCII characters in user info aren't stored correctly
 * Fixed issue #593: Fetch and push fails with TortoiseGit but succeeds with git bash

= Release =
Released: 2010-10-02

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #571: missing annotated  tags display in log dialog
 * Fix don't show tag info at log dialog
 * Fixed issue #570: Check for modifications dialog's controls not functioning correctly
 * Fixed issue #573: Upgrading to removes gitdll.dll
 * Fixed issue #572: Commit dialog becomes unresponsive after hitting F5 to refresh

= Release =
Released: 2010-09-28

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fix progressdlg show mass data when clone

= Release =
Released: 2010-09-24

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #556: "bad revision" in log of "Submodule Add"
 * Fix "amend last commit" can't get last commit message.
 * Fix icons were just white when using 125% display magnification mode
 * Fix ref is not updated when refresh at log dialog
 * Fix Git property page information show wrong

= Release =
Released: 2010-09-22

== Features ==
 * Support msysgit

 * Upgrade gitdll.dll to
   Use gitdll to fetch reflog, branch, tag information.

 * Enhance Column manage for commit list.
   At log, rebase, sync dialog, reflog, blame. User can customize column position. User can show\hide column. Add commiter date, commiter name, email.

 * BrowseRefs: Put focus on a tree node after a branch is deleted.s

 * Add Note Support

 * Icon Overlay (TGitCache)
   Add RW Lock to reduce tgitcache crash.

 * SyncDlg: Log output is now in Courier font. This way characters are aligned like in the console.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #535: Wandering label when drag top of progress dialog
 * Fixed issue #478: Fix Blame timing because it shows wrong date and 00000.... commit hash
 * Fix outlook can't get correct attachment send by TortoiseGit-
 * Fixed issue #537: Glitch at "merge to the right" in graph display at log dialog
 * Fixed issue #546: Exporting without specifying a zip filename sends all zip output to stdout and confuses the GUI
 * Fixed issue #545: Switch/Checkout Dialog: Checkbox "Create New Branch" not responding
 * Fixed issue #160: Browse Refs dialog: Parameter is incorrect.
 * Fix Sync dialog crash when using msysgit
 * Fixed issue #191: No Progress Indicator making one believe a hang or some failure.

= Release =
Released: 2010-08-22

== Features ==
 * Add pre and post push hook support
 * Don't show remote branch name if remote branch is track branch at syncdlg
 * RebaseDlg: working at no branch, not upstream branch.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #475: Fix 'Save revision to' for 'Working copy'
 * Fixed issue #486: Resolving conflicts can result in nothing to commit
 * Fixed issue #493: Add username option at clone dialog
 * Fixed issue #482: View message details of a tag
 * Fixed issue #495: Push dialog does not select remote branch correctly
 * Fixed issue #505: Delete (keep local) results in commit error
 * Fixed issue #503: remote branch drop down doesn't allow enough characters at sync dialog
 * Fixed issue #506: TortoiseGit- does not recognize msysGit-fullinstall-1.7.1-preview20100612.exe
 * Fixed issue #492: Remember AutoLoad Putty Key status in Sync dialog
 * Fixed issue #492: Remember AutoLoad Putty Key status in Pull dialog
 * Fixed issue #492: Fix AutoLoad Putty Key operation in push dialog
 * Fixed issue #513: Remember "Git Command Progress" window size
 * Fixed issue #519: Icon overlay not working for exclude files
 * Fixed issue #507: Help Spell error and push wrongly link to sync
 * Fixed issue #507: context menu spell error and description error
 * Fixed issue #517: Context menu for folder does not contain "Add to ignore list"
 * Fixed issue #380: TortoiseMerge "Created unified diff file" doesn't work
 * Fixed issue #528: Whole repository context menu actions not visible in Win 7 folders in libraries
 * Fixed issue #412: Create new branch default check at switch\checkout dialog.
 * Fixed issue #477: Commit from "GitShowLog" doesn`t show not versioned files
 * Fixed issue #527: Fix the dialog after commit for us to be able to continue committing
 * Fixed issue #472: TortoiseGit allows to commit without setting up a username + email
 * Fixed issue #464: Push and pull missing from context menu
 * Fixed issue #470: auto stash apply/pop for SVN dcommit

= Release =
Released: 2010-06-10

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #454: Fix "check Now" can't work at setting dialog
 * Fixed issue #457: Git copy versioned item(s) here adds all unversioned files
 * put pull, push and fetch to external manual.
 * Fixed issue #460: "Show changes as unified diff" compares files in reverse order.
 * Fix history combobox show twice item

= Release =
Released: 2010-06-03 (internal release)

== Features ==
 * TortoiseMerge
   Tip show "new file" "delete file" "rename file" status at tortoisemerge

 * TortoiseGitBlame
   Add encode support for blame

 * Sync Dialog
   Fixed issue #392: refresh branch info when press "F5"
   Improve user experience when input remote branch and url

 * Log Dialog
   issue #371: Log offer per-file "revert ..." of working dir changes
   Add AntiAlias at show log
   Fix version tree graphic line break at Win 7
   Fixed issue #427: Implement enter operation to open a file in the 'Show Log' window

 * Fixed issue #355: Implement Show log like history in the Changed Files window after a git pull operation

 * ProgressDlg Post Cmd support menubutton

 * Update the translations.txt for translators

 * Fixed issue #421: Implement ctrl+a standard 'Select all' facility

 * Change FormatPatch dialog default output directory is project root

 * Fixed issue #431: Implement commit button in the git add dialog

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #401: TGitCache.exe keeps open pack-xxx.idx on git repo
 * Fix issue review patch fail when there are new FilePatchesDlg.cpp
 * Fix all file show "+" icon after run git gc
 * Fixed issue #449: Files not in the Commit dialog are committed if in index
 * Fixed issue #450: Log Messages file list wrong when choose children dir firstly.
 * Fixed issue #387: "Automatically check for newer versions every week" remains disabled
 * Show correct file when Add new file at tortoisemerge
 * Fixed issue #381: About screen of TortoiseMerge shows invalid build information
 * Fixed issue #382: TGitBlame encoding problem
 * Fixed issue #400: CrLf options are missing in the help file
 * Fixed issue #397: Settings/Set Extended menu/Help button doesn't work
 * Fixed issue #396: Fix 'Copy paths to clipboard' option
 * Fixed issue #398: Settings/Revision Graph/Help button doesn't work
 * Fixed issue #392: Implement refresh button in sync dialog
 * Fixed issue #395: [BUG] Information error when "Switch the comparison"
 * Fixed issue #385: Bug In properties->Git dialog
 * Clear HOME at gitdll dll after load git config
 * Fixed issue #403: Diff Show changes, but commit not
 * Fixed issue #404: GetOpenFileName does not work in Cygwin
 * Fixed issue #411: Fix the refresh button operation in 'Check for modifications' when only file time change.
 * Fixed issue #406: Putty key can't save when clone
 * Fixed issue #419: wrong error message for empty commit
 * Fixed issue #418: Misleading button title in Sync dialog leads to loss of uncommitted changes
 * Fixed issue #402: Revert Renamed File Fail
 * Fixed issue #429: When applying patches, tortoise doesn't remember last file location
 * Fixed issue #428: Blame of an old version
 * Fixed issue #410: Change some menu item name to make it clear
 * Fixed issue #440: Don't enable 'Apply' button until the data are ok in Settings/Git/Remote
 * Fixed issue #439: Fix the Help action in the TortoiseGitBlame window
 * Fixed issue #438: Slow load Switch/Checkout dialog
 * Fixed issue #221: After resolving all merge conflicts, it's not obvious the project needs a commit
 * Fixed issue #437: Blame should be available when there are local changes
 * Fixed issue #444: Crash rebase  dialog when press ESC and move split bar
 * Fixed issue #445: Resolve conflict does not delete temporary files
 * Fixed issue #446: TortoiseMerge crash when "Edit Conflicts"
 * Fixed issue #405: Merge commit message when there is a conflict

= Release =
Released: 2010-04-13

== Features ==
 * #379:  Create Branch for remote branch do not set branch name

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fix log show mass when encode is cp1251
 * Fixed issue #357: Fix line endings merging issue

= Release =
Released: 2010-04-10

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fix explore crash when there are ignore patten at .git/info/exclude
 * Fixed issue #367: Last line of .gitignore ignored
 * Fixed issue #368: TortoiseGitBlame should not spell check by default
 * Fixed issue #369: TortoiseGitBlame should expand its menu items by default
 * Fixed issue: Compare submodule dialog show wrong subject at log dialog
 * Fixed issue #365: Log - enter closes dialog
 * Fixed issue #358: Renamed files are not properly committed, after refreshing the commit dialog
 * Fixed issue .git\* locked when remove git repository

= Release =
Released: 2010-04-06

== Features ==
 * Log dialog find support search tag and branch
 * Fixed issue #354: implement revert of this commit at log dialog
 * Add Merge command at log context menu
 * Fixed issue #350: Implement "Copy and rename" from context menu

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #346: can't remove remote repos
 * Fixed issue #280: "Use recycle bin when reverting" does not work
 * Fix ignore over lay show wrong when second level directory exist .gitignore file
 * Fixed issue #240: Setting "Do not show the context menu for following paths:" not working properly

= Release =
Released: 2010-04-04

== Features ==
 * Fixed issue #349: Offer "DCommit" instead of "Push" when working as SVN client

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed clone fail if msysgit version below
 * Fixed Folder keep "X" delete icon after commit
 * Fixed some small repository can't reflect "add"
 * Fixed show "?" at second level directory when icon overlay using "shell"
 * Fixed issue #351: "Search log messages..." in Log context menu does nothing
 * Fixed issue #226: tortoisegit is searching for .git share on network drives
 * Fixed number of files selected is wrong at commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #353: Fix Help button in the git sync dialog

= Release =
Released: 2010-03-31

== Features ==
 * Improve Icon Overlay
   Rewrite icon overlay implement. TGitCache will call gitdll.dll to get HEAD tree. And direct read index files. Read .gitignore file and call gitdll.dll to judge ignore files.
   Can't watch untracked directroy to reduce TGitCache loading.

 * Git Clone
   Add --progress at clone dialog

 * Log Dialog
   Add antiAlias when draw cycle at log dialog

 * Add minimize and maximize button at rebase and sync dialog

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #344: Force is the default in the sync dialog
 * Fixed issue #343: Wrong behaviour of Show Unversioned Files checkbox at Commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #281: show wrong character after finish commit
 * Fix commitdlg can close after commit and progress scroll too much
 * Fixed issue #299: Do nothing "Check For Updates..."  at about dialog
 * Fixed issue #333: Can't abort CherryPick
 * Fixed issue #336: Text of context menu slightly wrong; replace svn with git
 * Fixed issue #340: OpenSSH password dialog focus
 * Fixed issue #312: The number of changed files in 'Show log' window
 * Fixed issue #325: Would be nice to see current directory in the commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #329: path wrong at "Save revision to...
 * Fixed issue #327: Crash in the commit dialog after you changed a file for Linux formatted
 * Fixed issue #321: Wrong Company/Product name in Metadata
 * Fixed issue #309: Misspelled words in the Git Synchronization dialog
 * Fixed issue #304: Adding a file in the commit dialog resets selection
 * Fixed issue #305: Filtering showlog make crash

= Release =
Released: 2010-02-05

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed log crash when no body message at commit
 * Fixed issue #298: State of "View Patch/Hide Patch" link (commit window) is wrong in some ways
 * Fixed issue #301: Show Log crashes with empty repo

= Release =
Released: 2010-02-03

== Features ==
 * Support Annotated tags
   Implemented issue #274: Enhancement: Annotated tags

 * shallow clones support --depth at clone dialog
   Fixed issue #290: Shallow clones support --depth at clone dialog

 * Improve Diff Dialog
   Change commit at diff dialog
   Diff commit context menu show in git repository

 * Log Dialog
   Direct Launch external diff when open dialog at file
   Log can refresh when Click Rev button.

 * Context menu
   Use setting dialog to control which menuitem is external menu.

 * Sync Dialog
   Add remote update at sync dialog

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #294: commit template not supported and support msysgit unix path
 * Fixed issue #282: Fom/To/Messages/Authors/Paths filters are eventually disabled
 * Fixed issue #292: Very large dialog when merging
 * Fixed issue #291: Blame makes empty "UserImages.bmp" file
 * Fix crash when copy several log message to clipboards
 * Fixed issue #284: Show Log crashes when switching branches wait for log thread exit
 * Fixed issue #285: Cherry picking no longer works
 * Fix fetch command can't sync remote branch at sync dialog

= Release =
Released: 2010-01-21

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #276: Crash on seeing diff with previous version
 * Fixed issue #275: Load gitweb for 'Browse' button
 * Fixed issue #265: Log dialog: Date picker throws multiple error messages when date is before 1.1.1970
 * Fix RefLogDlg crash

= Release =
Released: 2010-01-18

== Features ==
 * Improve Log Dialog. Speed up log fetch speed.
   Build Git source as a DLL. LogDialog will call gitdll to fetch log instead of capture git.exe output.
   Improve refresh and all branch user experience. refresh can abort running fetch log commit.

 * Improve icon-overlay
   Give up igit.exe and use tgit which build from git source by VS.
   use tgit.exe statusex to get file status.
   Don't list all untracked files.

 * Improve commit and checkout modify dialog
   Don't show file that is only time stamp change and no context change.
   Run git-update-index first when open commit and checkout out modify dialog.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #234: First log(first commit in history) was missing...
 * Fixed issue #232: "No Commit" Option always acitve
 * Fixed issue 236: CGit::GetRemoteList uses bad regular expression
 * Fix blame show wrong when first char is '^'
 * Workaround show "fail" even git run success at sometime by remove "fail" message.
 * Fixed issue #265: Log dialog: Date picker throws multiple error messages when date is before 1.1.1970

= Release =
Released: 2009-11-12

== Features ==
 * Add color success and fail at ProgressDlg

 * Log Dialog
   Show work copy to log dialog. User can commit change at log dialog.
   Easy to compare with working copy difference

 * Allow Alt+O in commit dialog for OK

 * Sync Dialog remote URL support save history

 * Add remote branch and current branch at proptery page

 * Add no-commit option at merge dialog

 * Enable IBugTraqProvide CheckCommit and OnCommitFinished

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #219: Blame Error when git repository is at root directory and path use "/"
 * Fixed issue #214: installer inserts unused or faulty registry key
 * Fixed issue #179: Log dialog lacks information about changed files
 * Fixed issue #209: High CPU usage in tortoiseproc.exe & limit line number
 * Fixed issue #212: Disable the "Select items automaticlly" option has no effect to commit files dialog
 * Fixed issue #209: High CPU usage in tortoiseproc.exe & Append text to edit ctrl
 * Fixed issue #203: Remote URL select box in sync dialog is not populated with remotes.
 * Fixed issue #208: During push (from context menu), branches missing from drop down list.
 * Fixed issue #86: Globally sets HOME affecting third-party applications (GNU Emacs)
 * Fixed issue #188: Add Git Properties tab into Windows File Properties

= Release =
Released: 2009-10-13

== Features ==
 * Improve Rebase Dialog
   Allow lanuch new rebase dialog again after finish rebase dialog
   Disable "force rebase" checkbox during rebase.

 * Git SVN
   Append svn:ignore settings to the default git exclude file Add shell extension command to import svn ignore settings.
   Need press "Shift" key to show "import svn ignore" command.

 * Drag-drop copy\move support
   File only

 * Add paste command at shell extension
   Copy and paste file is okay. But there are problems when including directory.
   Cut and paste working

 * Update notepad2 to 4.022

 * Sync Dialog
   Ability to sync submodules in TGit sync dialog

 * Statics
   Sort commits by dates before processed by StatGraphDlg

 * Log Dialog
   Show <No branch> replace ref error message at log dialog

 * Add Check software updater support.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #185. "Can't find Super-project" when pathname include space.
 * Fixed issue #190: Access violation in Blame and wrong path name when root dir is git repository
 * Fixed issue #180: Create patch serial doesn't work when there is "\" at end of path
 * Fixed issue #173: SVN Rebase does not work The correct handle below case git config svn-remote.svn.fetch myproject/trunk:refs/remotes/trunk
 * Fixed issue #169: Force rebase checkbox is fixed
 * Fixed issue #163: Conflict "theirs" and "mine" are reversed during a rebase
 * Fixed issue #165: Incorect path to Notepad2
 * Fixed issue #158: Rebase can act on the wrong branch

= Release =
Released: 2009-09-05

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #155: Fix SVN Rebase sets upstream as remotes/trunk
 * Fixed issue #157: Move progress dlg before rebase dialog SVN Rebase doesn't fast-forward

= Release =
Released: 2009-08-29

== Features ==
 * Improve Commit Dialog
   Show line and column number
   Add view/hide patch windows

 * Improve Log Dialog
   Bolad subject at log dialog

 * Setting Config Dialog
   Add core.autocrlf and core.safecrlf

 * Add more option to resolve conflict
   Add Resolve "Their" and Resolve "Mine" at conflict item.

 * Improve Merge dialog
   Add message box to allow input message when merge

 * Improve Stash
   Add Stash pop.
   Add delete stash at logview.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fix don't show "push" after commit
 * Fixed issue #133: Command fails on folder with leading dash And -- to separate file and git options
 * Fixed issue #133: (mv\rename  problem) Command fails on folder with leading dash And -- to separate file and git options
 * Fixed issue #140: Incorrect treatment of "Cancel" action on "Apply patch serial" command
 * Fixed issue #135: Taskbar text says "TortoiseSVN"
 * Fixed issue #142: TortoiseGit Clone of SVN repo does not use PuTTY session for non-standard SSH port
 * Fixed issue #138: "Format patch" in "Show log" dialog doesn't work
 * Fixed issue #141: Bizarre ordering in commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #137: Proxy Authentification fails
 * Fixed issue #131: Missing SVN DCommit Command
 * Fixed issue #139: "Format patch" with a range of revisions doesn't export the first revision in the range
 * Fix Pathwatcher thread can't stop when commitdlg exit.
 * Fixed issue #150: When pushing, 'remote' should default to the tracked branch, or empty

= Release =
Released: 2009-07-31

== Features ==
 * Add Sync Dialog like TortoiseHg.
   Put pull, fetch, push, apply patch and email patch together. You can Know what change pull and push. Show changed file list.

 * Enhance Rebase dialog. Add force rebase checkbox. Disable start button when no item rebase. Don't show merge commit

 * Add post action button for rebase dialog. Such as send patch by email
   After rebase, you can click button to send patch email directly.

 * Add  launch rebase option at fetch dialog.

 * Improve push dialog.
   Default settings from local repositories pushing to remote repository Choose track remote and remote branch! Add short-cut at push dialog
   Add "F5" refresh remote and branch info at push dialog

 * Add Clean Untracked version type
   User can choose clean untracked file, clean ignore file, clean all.

 * Enhancement: "Git Clone" from SVN repository with additional start revision number option (-r xxx:HEAD)

 * Improve Commit dialog
   Add recent message back to context menu.
   The "Message" field of the Commit dialog should have a shortcut key (Alt-M is a good choice)
   Make "Whole project" directory checked by default when the user commits in the root of the project.
   When using "Commit" to also add files, if you forget to check the new files and press "Ok", you get the dialog "Nothing Commit" and then the whole Commit dialog closes. Keep the dialog open after this message.

 * Improve setting dialog
   Settings: Git -> Remote: When creating the first remote, the "Remote" should have "origin" as default.
   Fix setting dialog remote page tab order
   Push: When you press "Manage" under Destinations, the Settings dialog opening should have "Git -> Remote" selected by default.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #124: Incorrect Date header in patch e-mail
 * Fixed issue #122: Garbage text in "Git Command Progress" / suspected buffer overflow Improve commit speed when many added files.
 * Fixed issue #121: Refresh in "Check for modifications" dialog duplicates added state entries when new repository
 * Fixed issue #71: (TortoiseProc problem)Icon Overlays don't work in root of drive When m_CurrentDir =C:\, not C:,  pathlist calculate wrong.
 * Fixed issue #116: SVN Rebase doesn't work
 * Fixed issue #115: Windows XP: Initial "Git Clone..." from SVN Repository doesn't work
 * Fix "ESC" = "push" when after commit and Add Alt-P  for Push
 * Fixed issue #111: Undo Add does not work (keep added file) and enable "F5" at revert dialog
 * Fixed issue #109: clone on bare local repository fails Clear trail slash \ or/
 * Fixed issue #104: Doubleclicking changed submodule dir in Check For Modifications dlg, crashes TGit Fix log dialog double click submodule problem

= Release =
Released: 2009-07-03

== Features ==
 * Improve work flow and reduce click
   Commit: Made user able to push after successful commit
   Show Push Dialog after close commit dialog
   Add messagebox to ask if stash change when rebase at dirty work space
   Show GUI friendly diffstat after pull

 * Rebase: Select default upstream based on current tracked remote

 * Improve BrowseRef Dialog
   Add Option to delete multiple refs
   Added 'Switch to this Ref' option
   Fetch context menu item added.
   Add "BrowseRef" to shell extension command.
   Add ability to diff two commits
   Added option to delete remote branch
   Always set initial ref
   Show context menu icons
   Save / Restore window size

 * Add Basic Git-SVN Operation
   Add SVN DCommit Command
   Add "SVN Rebase" and "SVN DCommit" command at shell contextmenu
   Support Git svn-clone at clone dialog.

 * Help Document Updated
   Add git basic book.

 * Add Help button at many dialog

 * Improve Format Patch
   May also select 'format patch...' if selection is continuous.
   Implemented browse buttons and added browsebutton for 'since'.

 * Add TortoiseIDiff to compare picture

 * Enable Bugtraq setting dialog

 * Improve Log dialog
   Ajust label colors when selected. (Not on Vista with themes enabled)
   Add compare with working copy at log dialog
   Ref label borders

 * FileDiffDlg: Make shift right-left button work

 * Branch/Tag dlg: Update 'track' option after browse-refs

 * StatusListCtrl: Implemented delete unversioned file.

 * RebaseDlg: Update rebase lines after browserefs

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #64: When the graph column is small, the graph sometimes appears through the text of the next column on Vista
 * Fix log graph tree mass when dragon scroll bar from left to right
 * Fixed issue #104: Doubleclicking changed submodule dir in Check For Modifications dlg, crashes TGit
 * Pull: Fixed bug that when pulling from the configured remote branch, git did not update the remote tracking branches.
 * Fix stash problem when svn dcommit at dirty working space
 * Modify Create repository error message
 * Fixed issue #102: Invalid patch e-mails generated
 * Fix submodule update Crash when repository have not submodule
 * Fixed issue #88: Ambiguous dialog message
 * Correct format patch command -num argument
 * PushDlg: Fix: Wrong remote selected after selection via ref-browser.
 * Rebase: Skip in context-menu appeared twice. First one should be pick.
 * Fixed issue #89: Can't locate msysgit on x64
 * Fixed issue #95: TortoiseBlame Icon disappears when selected in the settings treeview
 * Fixed issue #94: Commit log showing incorrect timestamps
 * Fix pull don't launch putty key file

= Release =
Released: 2009-06-05

== Features ==
 * Add bug track plug-in support
   Compatible with TortoiseSVN. The typical plug in is gurtl(google code issue plug-in).

 * Support browse reference.
   Show all branch, tags information. Support add remote, del branch\tag.

 * Show merged file at log dialog.

 * Update version graphic tree.
   Update graphic tree to qgit2.3

 * Add option -p for TortoisePlink.
   -p is the same as -P. So it is compatible with OpenSSH port option

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #91: clone dialog generates bad directory name based on URL, ignores overrid
 * Fixed issue #85: Installer: warns of downgrade when running on top of
 * Fix i18n.logOutputEncoding doesn't work at log\commit dialog.

= Release =
Released: 2009-05-06

== Feature ==
 * Improve fetch overlay speed
   rebase igit.exe to msysgit, which is major application to get git status.

 * TortoiseMerge Support git format patch file.
   TortoiseMerge can open git patch file and review diff and merge change.

 * SendMail support
   Right click .patch or .diff file, click "send mail..." to send patch out.

 * improve clone dialog
   Add auto fill module name at directory when change URL. Fix tab order.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #73: Error while reading/writing the registry key MSysGit Access is denied
 * Fixed issue #11: Show differences as unified diff does not use selected item
 * Fixed issue #77: "Show differencess" against a deleted file will cause TortoiseMerge to error
 * Fixed issue #74: Add multiple files from commit dialog only adds first two in multi-selection
 * Fixed issue #75: About box does not show version information
 * Wrong error message when fail launch pageant
 * Setup will launch old version msi to remove old version. Directly update to new version without remove old version
 * Double click conflict item to launch diffview, not conflict edit.
 * Fixed issue #66: Some log lines lose color or disappear after you click on them
 * Fixed issue #81: Cannot have x86 and x64 versions installed at the same time.

= Release =
Released: 2009-04-03

== Features ==
 * Submodule Support.
   Support submodule add, sync and update.
   "Submodule Sync" is located in explore context external menu, which need press "shift" key when right click.

 * Improve show log speed at big repository, such as git.git

 * OpenSSH can prompt password dialog

 * Clone, pull push support both OpenSSH and Plink.
   Support both key and password mode.
   Show progress when clone at git and SSH protocol.

 * Stash Save\Apply support

 * Reflog support. Need press "shift" to show reflog menu item at context menu.

 * Add save special version to another file at file list, such as log dailog.

 * Add external diff merge and undiff setting at settings page

 * Add Diff with workcopy at file list

 * Add MessageBox Tell user Revert Finished

 * Add Notepad2 to setup script to view text file

 * Add view in notepad2 at file list

 * Add Copy File list to clipboard

 * Choose Default SSH client when install TortoiseGit

 * Add user config and remote manage at setting dialog

 * Pull and push can autoload putty private key.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fixed issue #52: TortoiseMerge crashes on x64
 * Fixed issue #55: "resolved" function doesn't delete temporary files.
 * Fixed issue #57: Data duplication when Clicking Check repository in Check for modification dialog
 * Fix GetString error when edit at HistoryCombo
 * win2k context menu fix (had an issue when shift key was pressed)
 * Fix crash in logviewer on invalid time strings
 * Fixed issue #61: Add/Commit of files with umlauts in filename not working

= Release =
Released: 2009-03-07

== Features ==
 * Full Overlay Icon Support.
   Show "Conflict, ignore file, untracked file, modified, Add, staged" icon according to file status.

 * Rebase Support.
   Support "Pick" "Sqaush" "Edit" and "Skip" commit when rebase branch.
   Support abort.

 * Combine Multi-commits to one commit.
   Combine continous commits to one commit. The limition is the only single line(no merge point) above combined commit.

 * Cherry Pick multi commits.
   User can use multi commits at log dialog and then choose cherry pick these. Cherry Pick dialog guide you finish whole work.
   Support "Pick" "Squash" "Edit" and "Skip" commits.

 * First x64 version.

 * Support version "browse" at switch, export, new branch/tag and merge dialogs.

 * Add context menu item "Revert" at Commit dialog File List.

 * Show bold font for HEAD at log dialog.

 * Add "Whole Project" checkbox at commit dialog

 * First Version Help Document.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Fix Shell menu disappear because ATL library have not installed.
 * Fix Commit Dialog and Log Dialog default column is wrong
 * Fix some dialog can't show after resize and close and open again
 * Fix ProgressDlg Sometime thread is dead blocked.
 * Fixed x64 build of TortoiseProc crashed due to received unexpected messages
 * Fix tag to head when *force* check box checked
 * Add Git document to help
 * Fixed issue #36: Push not working if no remote branch is specified
 * Default UnCheck untrack file at commit dialog
 * Fixed issue #40: Commit from subfolder shows unversioned files in parent
 * Fix diff problem when filenames have embedded spaces
 * Fixed issue #24 and issue #45: Commit results not in window with scroll bars
 * Fix for win2k context menu icons
 * Fixed issue #46: The about window title still displays TortoiseSVN
 * Fixed issue #37: When the file name contains Chinese char, Diff doesn't work.
 * Fixed issue #28: "Add" status icon overlay is not correct.

= Release =
Released: 2009-02-08

== Features ==
 * Icon Overlay
   Show different icon overlay at git repository. Support File and directory icon overlay.

 * Show version tree in log dialog.
   Show version graphic tree at log list dialog. Use QGit style.

 * Enable log cache to improve log show speed.

 * VS2008 Style Blame application.
   Show different back color according to line age. Show blame file log list to know which line is newer.

 * Enable conflict handle
   Show conflict status at any file list, such as commit dialog. User just need right click and choose resolve conflict, tortoisemerge will be launch.

 * Related time show support.

 * Setting dialog support.

 * Enable TortoisePlink.
   Passwork dialog can prompt when use TortoisePlink as ssh client.

 * Git Reset support.
   User can right click log list at log dialog. Choose reset to reset current branch to chosen commit.

 * Current handle renamed file at file list.

== Bug Fixes ==
 * Disable file overlay icon at vista system to avoid explore crash
 * File overlay default is enable at XP system. User can disable it by setting dialog.
 * Fixed issue #20: Add To Ignore from Commit dialog not working
 * Fixed issue #31: Init Repository, Commit dialog can not show added file
 * Fixed issue #30: Clone does not support UNC path to repository
 * Fix when setting ssh client is null. GIT_SSH environment variable is not clear
 * Fixed issue #29: F5 should refresh TGit log
 * Fix log filter don't filter commit hash
 * Fixed issue #25: Log refresh does not pick up new tags on top line, or move 'master' up
 * Fixed issue #27: Deleted files not committed
 * Fixed issue #22: Error deleting file from context menu if filename contains spaces
 * Fixed issue #6: Add does not work.
 * Fixed issue #8: Clone of git via HTTP Creates repo in wrong location
 * Fixed issue #9: Error commit file with chinese filename.
 * Fixed issue #10: Switch and Create Branch drop-downs only display 25 items
 * Fixed issue #13: Create branch fail if branch name is invalidate
 * Fixed issue #14: Commit dialog don't report error when no message input
 * Fixed issue #16: Commit dialog, F5 don't work.
 * Fix "explore to" in context menu in commit dialog.
 * Fix redraw all when loading thread finish load log.

= Release =
Released: 2009-01-04

== Features ==
 * Add TortoiseMerge as default compare tools
 * Pull, Fetch, Push
 * Create Branch\Tag
 * Switch branch\Chechout
 * Compare with previous version
 * Clone(only support local repository, see known issue for detail)
 * Log Dialog support filter
 * Check for modifications
 * Revert local change
 * Create Patch Serial
 * Apply Patch Serial
 * Add file to repository(see know issue)
 * Export to zip file

== Bug Fixes ==
 * A2W cause stack overwrite bug when git output is long.

== Known Issues ==
 * ProgressDlg will wait for ever when clone remote repository(ssh, http,git).
 * push fetch and pull don't support password mode. Just support public key problem.
 * Just fetch first 100 log item.
 * If install TortoiseGit before MsysGit, you need modify register
	   Let it point to correct msysgit install path.
 * Add File, please commit and show unversion file, the choose add file, then right clict, Choose Add file
 * To new initial repository, You will not see add file again in commit dialog box if give up commit when choose add

= Release =
Released: 2008-12-12

== Features ==
 * Context menu(subset of TortoiseSVN)
 * Icon Overlay(version controled\unversion controled at directory)
 * Unified DIFF
 * Use third part diff tools (such kdiff3)
 * Commit change
 * Show Log
 * Create Repository