TortoiseGit Manual


Remove untracked files from the working tree. TortoiseGitCleanup Cleans the working tree by recursively removing files that are not under version control, starting from the current directory or on the whole working tree (depends on version of installed git).

Figure 2.34. Clean dialog

Clean dialog

Clean all untracked files This removes all untracked files, including those ignored by Git. This is the cleanest option.

Clean only non-ignore untracked files This removes untracked files, but excluding those ignored by Git.

Clean only ignored files This removes only files ignored by Git.

Remove untracked directories This removes untracked directories too.

Do not use recycle bin Since TortoiseGit v1.7.11, files are moved to recycle bin. Use this option if you want to delete those files directly and permanently. Make sure you do not regret!

Dry run This just gives the list of files to be deleted, but it does not perform deletion.

Submodules This cleans also the submodules recursively.


This command affects the whole working tree and will delete all untracked files using the recycle bin (Since TortoiseGit v1.7.11)!

You can find more information at the section called “git-clean(1)”