TortoiseGit Manual

Appendix A. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Because TortoiseGit is being developed all the time it is sometimes hard to keep the documentation completely up to date. online FAQ which contains a selection of the questions we are asked the most on the TortoiseGit mailing lists and .

We also maintain a project Issue Tracker which tells you about some of the things we have on our To-Do list, and bugs which have already been fixed. If you think you have found a bug, or want to request a new feature, check here first to see if someone else got there before you.

If you have a question which is not answered anywhere else, the best place to ask it is on one of the mailing lists. is the one to use if you have questions about using TortoiseGit. If you want to help out with the development of TortoiseGit, then you should take part in discussions on .