TortoiseGit Manual

Terminology used in this document

To make reading the docs easier, the names of all the screens and Menus from TortoiseGit are marked up in a different font. The Log Dialog for instance.

A menu choice is indicated with an arrow. TortoiseGitShow Log means: select Show Log from the TortoiseGit context menu.

Where a local context menu appears within one of the TortoiseGit dialogs, it is shown like this: Context MenuSave As ...

User Interface Buttons are indicated like this: Press OK to continue.

User Actions are indicated using a bold font. Alt+A: press the Alt-Key on your keyboard and while holding it down press the A-Key as well. Right-drag: press the right mouse button and while holding it down drag the items to the new location.

System output and keyboard input is indicated with a different font as well.


Important notes are marked with an icon.


Tips that make your life easier.


Places where you have to be careful what you are doing.


Where extreme care has to be taken, data corruption or other nasty things may occur if these warnings are ignored.