TortoiseGit Manual


  • Do you work in a team?

  • Has it ever happened that you were working on a file, and someone else was working on the same file at the same time? Did you lose your changes to that file because of that?

  • Have you ever saved a file, and then wanted to revert the changes you made? Have you ever wished you could see what a file looked like some time ago?

  • Have you ever found a bug in your project and wanted to know when that bug got into your files?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then TortoiseGit is for you! Just read on to find out how TortoiseGit can help you in your work. It's not that difficult.


This book is written for computer literate folk who want to use Git to manage their data, but are uncomfortable using the command line client to do so. Since TortoiseGit is a windows shell extension it's assumed that the user is familiar with the windows explorer and knows how to use it.